Veterinary Science: analysis of the foot part two.

parte circolatoria piede 1

After looking at how the base of the hoof is made in a previous Equestrian World piece, let’s continue now with our analysis taken from the works of doctor Vittorio Meschia.
The sensitive layers are rich in vessels and cover the lateral cartilage of the bone and sensitive parts of the sole. The appendage of the sensitive layers intersect with those of the inner layer. The third phalanx is attached to the sensitive layer, in turn connected to the inner layer, whereby the third phalanx is literally suspended.
The white line is the meeting between the sole and the wall, which gives the shape through the edge of the foot. It extends for the entire surface of the hoof, but we can only see the area of the sole. The tendon part is made up as follows:
1) extensor of the phalanx which is grafted on the front part of the triangular section.
2) the deep flexor of the tendon phalanges flow on the face of the tendon that acts as a pulley and grafts onto the face of the triangular sole.
The part of the veins and arteries is made of a big plexus, knows as the solar plexus.
a) arterial branch
b) venous plexus
c) nerve branches front and rear
d) the solar plexus
The nerve section is made from lateral and medial plantar nerves which at the fetlock level divide in two branches: the back that supplies the back of the foot and the front that sometimes has a branch that supplies the front part of the foot.
source: “The lameness of the horse, learn to understand“ by Dr. Vittorio Meschia, Horse srl publisher.
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