Veterinary science: be aware when it comes to acorns.

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For all of those with horse-stalls near wooded areas, then it’s strongly advised that you read the following information and take extra care when it comes to the presence of acorns.
During the summer months, there is nothing nicer for your horse than to graze out on the paddock, but be very careful if the paddock is surrounded by or close to oak trees.
The fruit of the oak, acorns, are in fact a toxic food for most farm animals with the exception of pigs that are left free to graze to remove them from the land.
Acorns are a hazard because they contain toxic tannins which cause ulcers in the digestive tract of horses and cattle, leading to kidney failure.
Statistics from the UK reveal that there were at least 90 victims between ponies and cattle because of the toxic nature of acorns in 2013 in the Verderers New Forest alone.
This is to be considered however an exception to the general trend and rarely do the annual deaths exceed 30. But please do take extra care nevertheless when it comes to your paddock. It can save lives.

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