Work continues in Aachen for Euros 2015

CHIO Aachen 1

Work is continuing at a fast pace in Aachen to prepare the traditional Soers location for the next European Championships in 2015, work began last year to further expand the important site for the equestrian events.
The construction of a new stables area will bring the number of permanent boxes to 430, also added are new services with a major upgrade in terms of accessibility for people with disabilities, that with the new equipment will have unlimited access to all areas.
The goal is to make it as accessible and enjoyable as possible for guests visiting the Aachen arena, for which it is estimated a number of 450 000 visitors will attend the upcoming European Championships to be held from 11 to 23 August, in addition to the classic World Equestrian Festival which will take place in the spring (29 to 31 May 2015).

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