A Day of Optimism and Hope for Horse Racing.

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Merano, A Day of Optimism and Passion for Horse Racing

Merano, September 24, 2023 – In the enchanting setting of the Merano racecourse, a wave of optimism and hope filled the air during the recent Grand Prix day on Sunday, September 24. The newsletter from the Owners’ Union of Horse Racing reveals the fervor and enthusiasm that characterized this extraordinary day.

The event attracted a considerable number of spectators, with thousands of people crowding the stands and the paddock. From late morning, elegant families and groups of young individuals made their way to the racecourse, spreading truly infectious joy for what turned out to be a genuine horse racing celebration.

All of this was made possible thanks to the tireless efforts of Merano Horse Racing, led by the Martone family. Their dedication to the world of horse racing and the local community made this day exceptional not only for the races but also for the unique atmosphere that accompanied it from the early hours of the morning. This event proves that, despite the challenges facing the Italian horse racing industry, it is still possible to organize top-level events that engage the local community.

Merano boasts an extraordinary location; the racecourse is nestled in a breathtaking landscape and effectively harnesses its tourism potential. What we can learn from Merano is the importance of a welcoming racecourse and top-notch organization, which serve as the best calling card for attracting new owners and retaining existing ones.

Participating or winning with your horse in such a setting, in front of a warm-hearted audience, is one of the most rewarding experiences for an owner. To promote this dynamic and encourage healthy competition among Racing Societies, it is essential to reconsider the subsidy system for racecourses. This should reward those who work diligently and passionately, as emphasized by the Owners’ Union of Horse Racing, which encourages reflection on this extraordinary experience in Merano and the promotion of a future where such days become the norm rather than the exception. Italian horse racing has the potential to continue thriving, and the commitment and work of places like Merano should serve as a model for the industry.

The next rendezvous is now the grand Parisian weekend, culminating in the 2023 Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe, one of the most prestigious events on the horse racing calendar.

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