FEI FEI Jumping European Championship Milano 2023

Conferenza stampa FEI Jumping European Championship Milano 2023

The harmonious blend of show jumping and horse racing

Today, a press conference was held at Palazzo Marino in Milan, announcing the FEI Jumping European Championship Milano 2023. The championship, scheduled to take place from August 30th to September 3rd at the renowned SNAI San Siro Racecourse, offers riders an opportunity to qualify for the Paris 2024 Olympics. It is one of the few qualifying events alongside the FEI Nations Cup Finals in Barcelona in September.

Securing a place for the Paris 2024 Olympics would be a tremendous achievement for both individual riders and the Italian team. Italy’s rich history in show jumping dates back to 1900 when Giorgio Trissino won the country’s first gold medal in the sport riding Oreste, a horse trained by Caprilli. Given the historical significance, hosting the European Championship in Paris holds special meaning as it would symbolically “complete a circle.”This marks the third time that Italy has hosted a European Championship, with previous editions held in 1963 in Rome and 2005 in San Patrignano.

However, what sets this event apart is its iconic location, the SNAI San Siro Racecourse in Milan. During the press conference, Attilio Fontana, the President of Lombardy Region, highlighted the harmonious blend of show jumping and horse racing, emphasizing how these seemingly distinct sports seamlessly come together during this championship. Hosting the event in Milan coincides with other major sporting events taking place in the city. These include the Fencing World Championships and the Formula 1 Grand Prix, as mentioned by Giovanni Malagó, President of the Italian National Olympic Committee (CONI).

This confluence of events not only showcases the region but also underscores Italy’s exceptional organizational capabilities. The event organization will involve Sport e Salute, an agency dedicated to promoting sports and health. Vito Cozzoli, the President of Sport e Salute, referred to the event as a unifying thread between Rome and Milan. He further emphasized the exceptional nature of show jumping, highlighting previous successful events such as Piazza di Siena and Pratoni del Vivaro, while expressing confidence in the extraordinary potential of the Milano Jumping.

Marco Di Paola, President of the Italian Equestrian Sports Federation (FISE), expressed his enthusiasm for the proposal and the collaboration with Snaitech. He mentioned the selection of Uliano Vezzani, an acclaimed Italian course designer, and Laura Campugnano, the show director of Piazza di Siena, as key contributors to the championship’s success. Di Paola also underscored Italy’s allure as a host nation, emphasizing the country’s appeal and the privilege of hosting a European Championship in one of Italy’s most significant cities, along with the scenic and captivating San Siro Racecourse.

Regarding the Olympics, Di Paola acknowledged the challenges in qualifying, as Italy has not secured a spot since 2004. However, he expressed optimism, noting that the championship in Milan provides an opportunity for the Italian team to win one of the three qualifying spots for the Paris Olympics, attracting the world’s finest riders to fight for the few golden tickets remaining. Barcelona will be the last chance for nations and teams to qualify for the Paris Olympics 2024.

Therefore with the chances and opportunities to get a qualification for the next Olympic Games, the combination of fierce competition, the inclusion of both male and female riders, and the sport’s unpredictable nature adds to the excitement and intensity of the event that will be held in the heart of Milan at the end of August.

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