Alessandra: Inspiring a New Era of Equestrian Fitness – Rider Stability

Alessandra La Noce di Rider_Stability cavaliere atleta

Alessandra’s deep-rooted love for sports, nature, and animals set her on a transformative journey dedicated to horse riding and enhancing rider stability. Raised in the countryside, her passion for horses flourished as she rode through fields and competed with her pony.

Her parents, always active and involved in practicing sports, influenced her awareness of physical training from an early age. It was then that she noticed a distinct lack of physical preparation among equestrian riders compared to other sports. This recognition ignited her mission to revolutionize rider training and introduce functional fitness tailored specifically for equestrians.

“I saw riders who lacked harmony and were not prepared physically. I wanted to change the perception of what it means to be an athlete rider.”


The Birth of Rider Stability

Motivated by her own experiences and a desire to bridge the gap between athleticism and equestrianism, Alessandra embarked on a journey to educate riders about the importance of targeted training. Her unique advantage as both an accomplished equestrian athlete and a certified fitness instructor fueled her determination to revolutionize the way riders approach their physical preparation.

“I believed that riders should have a reference and a proper training regimen to improve their skills and overall well-being.”

The Importance of Functional Training

Alessandra emphasizes the significance of functional training, which focuses on understanding the specific needs of riders and developing key skills such as balance, coordination, and reaction time. Instead of traditional strength training, functional training prioritizes posture, movement quality, and stability to enhance performance in the saddle.

“My goal was to help people understand the true advantage of targeted training for riding. I wanted to make a difference.”

Alessandra La Noce - Rider Stability

Personalized Approach to Training

Alessandra’s training philosophy revolves around tailoring programs to individual riders’ needs and goals. By conducting thorough assessments, considering any physical limitations or imbalances, and working closely with equestrians, she creates personalized training plans to optimize their performance in the saddle.

“I have seen significant improvements in professional riders who have embraced my training program. They have experienced positive changes and even resolved existing physical issues.”

Remote Training

Initially, Alessandra works in person with riders to establish a solid foundation and teach correct techniques. Once riders become adept, she provides remote support to ensure their progress and independence.

“I hope to see a shift in the equestrian culture, where fitness and training are prioritized from an early age. This will create a generation of well-rounded riders who understand the importance of their own physical well-being.”

Alessandra La Noce Rider Stability

Exercises for Coordination and Performance Enhancement

Alessandra introduces various exercises to improve riders’ coordination and overall performance. Among these is an exercise that involves maintaining stability while performing leg bends and extending the arms forward, mimicking the posture required during certain jumping movements.

Stretching and Integration into Training

Stretching plays a crucial role in rider training, aiding in muscle elasticity and injury prevention. Alessandra encourages riders to allocate time for stretching before and after riding, ensuring overall well-being and performance.

Alessandra’s commitment to promoting rider stability and functional training showcases the significance of physical preparation for equestrians. Through her personalized approach, she aims to revolutionize the equestrian world, inspiring riders to prioritize their physical well-being and embrace targeted training as an integral part of their equestrian journey. With her unwavering passion and dedication, Alessandra continues to make a notable impact on riders of all levels, nurturing a new era of equestrian fitness and rider stability.

“I hope to see a shift in the equestrian culture, where fitness and training are prioritized from an early age. This will create a generation of well-rounded riders who understand the importance of their own physical well-being.”

In the next chapter of Rider Stability, we will delve into the benefits of specific exercises that are particularly useful for equestrians, highlighting how they can further enhance rider performance and stability.

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