From Horses to Pool: Swimming Designed for Equestrians

Dal cavallo alla piscina ragazza che si allena

New Swimming Workout to Improve Endurance, Strength, and Agility

In the equestrian world, the connection between rider and horse is fundamental for the success of the partnership, and in this perspective, the proper athletic preparation of the rider is capable of enhancing the bond with this magnificent animal.

Adequate physical fitness can positively influence communication between man and horse, in addition to safety and performance. A rider with the right athletic preparation and good physical fitness has better balance and stability in the saddle, along with improved precision and safety in movements.

Physical strength and endurance allow the rider to mount even in challenging situations, maintaining proper posture and effective communication. Coordination and agility enhance the ability to follow the horse’s movements.

Furthermore, proper physical fitness also contributes to the rider’s mental preparation, enabling them to face challenges with the right calmness and concentration.

The search for new ways to improve endurance, strength, and agility is ongoing, and it is in this context that this new swimming workout arises, a comprehensive program designed to optimize the physical capabilities of athletes, both riders and horsewomen.

Benefits of Swimming in the Athletic Preparation of Riders

The pool offers an ideal environment for equestrian athletes’ training for several reasons. Firstly, water provides natural resistance that helps develop muscle strength without the joint impact associated with land training.

Secondly, the low-impact nature of water training allows athletes to recover more quickly from intense sessions, reducing the risk of injuries and chronic fatigue, thus optimizing training effectiveness.

Structure of the Swimming Workout

The pool workout is structured to cover a total distance of 2600 meters and has an approximate duration of 1 hour and 40 minutes. This program aims to improve endurance, strength, and agility through a combination of specific exercises designed to develop the physical abilities required by equestrian athletes.

Warm-up (300 meters)

The warm-up begins with 12 laps of 25 meters in the athletes’ preferred style. This phase is crucial to prepare the mind and body for the intense activity that will follow, allowing athletes to find their rhythm and focus on technique.

Freestyle Series (8 laps)

The freestyle series consists of 8 laps of 25 meters, with a 5-second rest between each lap. This exercise aims to develop endurance, maintaining a steady pace and focusing on the correctness of movements and breathing.

Breaststroke with Kickboard (8 laps)

Breaststroke with a kickboard is an exercise focused on developing leg strength and agility, useful for maintaining a stable and secure position in the saddle. Perform 4 sets of 50 meters with a 10-second rest between sets, focusing on full leg extension and downward thrust.

Combined Exercises (36 laps)

The central part of the training involves a series of combined exercises designed to improve endurance and muscle coordination. Athletes repeat a sequence of 100 meters backstroke, followed by 100 meters breaststroke, and finally 100 meters freestyle, with a 15-second rest at the end of each 100 meters to recover and catch their breath.

Arms with Pull Buoy (12 laps)

Using a pull buoy in training aims to isolate arm training, improving specific muscle strength and endurance. Athletes perform 2 sets of 50 meters backstroke arms, followed by 50 meters breaststroke arms, and finally 50 meters freestyle arms, with a 20-second rest at the end of each 50 meters to recover and maintain a sustained pace.

Maximum Speed (20 laps)

The final phase of the workout is dedicated to developing speed and muscle power. Athletes perform 10 sets of 50 meters freestyle at maximum speed, with a 1-minute rest between each set to recover and maintain the intensity of the training.

Cool-down (200 meters)

The workout concludes with 200 meters of freestyle swimming, allowing athletes to relax and release accumulated muscle tension during the training.

This new swimming workout offers a stimulating challenge for riders, allowing them to improve endurance, strength, and agility in a controlled and low-impact environment. With a well-defined structure and a variety of targeted exercises, this program promises to provide effective athletic preparation for swimming and equestrian sports enthusiasts.

For more information, contact the professionals at Powerline Studio (+39 328 789 2977) or Dr. Matteo Andreoli (+39 338 660 6558).”

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