Swimming Training to Improve Endurance, Strength, and Agility

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In a continuous pursuit of innovative approaches aimed at providing insights for athletic preparation for riders, Horseshowjumping.tv introduces a new pool workout. This series of exercises, developed in collaboration with professionals from Powerline Studio and Dr. Matteo Andreoli, aims to provide specific athletic preparation for equestrianism.

At the core of this program is a sequence of exercises designed to improve essential skills in the equestrian world, such as strength, endurance, and agility.

Swimming Training for Riders

The initial warm-up, consisting of 300 meters divided into 12 lanes of 25 meters each, allows athletes to ease into their preferred stroke, preparing them for the intense activity to come.

Subsequently, technical work is introduced on the backstroke to promote strength and coordination, followed by a section dedicated to breaststroke, essential for a comprehensive muscle workout. However, the focus of the training is the pyramid section, involving backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle in succession. This gradual progression, interspersed with brief rests, challenges athletes to maintain a steady pace, enhancing their adaptability and endurance.

The final cool-down of 225 meters offers athletes the opportunity to relax and conclude the session at their leisure, solidifying the benefits gained during the workout.

Training Details (2500 meters, approximately 1.5 hours):

The Swimming workout, designed to last approximately 1.5 hours and covering a distance of 2500 meters, aims to be a comprehensive and stimulating program to develop the physical capabilities necessary for aquatic athletes. The main goal is to improve endurance, strength, and technique, essential in the sporting context.

  • Warm-up (300 meters): It starts with a 300-meter warm-up, divided into 12 lanes of 25 meters each, giving athletes the flexibility to choose between freestyle and backstroke to prepare their body and mind for the intense activity that follows.
  • Repeat 6 times: The next phase involves 6 cycles of backstroke and freestyle return, with a shoulder touch during the arm recovery. A brief 5-second pause at each lane ensures targeted and challenging training, totaling 12 lanes.
  • Repeat 4 times: This is followed by a series of 4 repetitions that combine 100 meters of breaststroke with 100 meters of legwork in freestyle, using a kickboard. A 15-second break between sets helps maintain a sustained pace, bringing the total to 32 lanes.
  • With fins, repeat 6 times: An additional challenge is added with the use of fins, involving 6 cycles of 50 meters with breathing every 3 strokes, followed by 100 meters of legwork in backstroke. A 15-second break at the end of each 150 meters ensures a variety of stimuli and rest moments throughout the 36 lanes.
  • Cool-down, 200 meters of relaxed swimming: The workout concludes with 200 meters of freestyle swimming, allowing athletes to release muscle tension and complete the session according to their preferences.

In total, this program proposes a workout of 100 lanes, at an intermediate/advanced level, embracing a variety of styles and techniques. Its well-defined structure aims to improve endurance, strength, and coordination, offering a complete and rewarding training experience for swimming enthusiasts.

With its innovative “All around sports” section, Horseshowjumping.tv is committed to offering advanced exercises and workouts designed for the equestrian community, contributing to enhancing the performance of athletes, even on horseback.

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