Leg Training for Equestrians

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Improve Balance and Endurance on Horseback with HSJ’s New Leg Workout Circuit

Horseshowjumping.tv continues to revolutionize training for riders with a new circuit aimed at strengthening legs, designed to enhance balance and endurance without the need for equipment or the obligation to go to the gym.

In collaboration with Dr. Matteo Andreoli and the experts at Powerline Studio, our second circuit offers a comprehensive 40-minute program aimed at empowering the muscles of the lower limbs, essential for better performance on horseback, resulting from increased balance and muscle strength (if you missed the first leg training circuit, click here).

Benefits of Our Leg Workout

Before delving into the details of the new circuit, it’s crucial to emphasize the benefits of leg training for riding enthusiasts. Leg muscle strength is crucial for maintaining proper posture in the saddle and effectively communicating with your horse. Leg endurance is also essential for tackling long training sessions, significantly enhancing the rider’s confidence.

Training Legs with HSJ

Description of Exercises in Circuit 2 (40 min):

  • Bridge (4 sets x 20 repetitions): This exercise aims to strengthen the muscles of the lower back and legs, crucial for a stable posture on horseback. With the body raised from the floor, creating a “bridge” with the hips, it stimulates the strength and endurance necessary to maintain optimal balance in the saddle.
  • Bulgarian Split Squats (4 sets x 10 repetitions per leg): Focusing on leg balance and strength, Bulgarian split squats involve a controlled forward lunge with one leg slightly elevated (for example, resting on a small bench or curb). This specific leg exercise works on stability and balance, crucial elements for a safe performance on horseback.
  • Mountain Climbers (4 sets x 1 minute): This dynamic exercise engages the entire body, focusing on energy and agility. By assuming a plank position, the dynamic movement of the knees toward the chest not only stimulates the legs but also the abdominals and upper limbs, helping to maintain an agile body.
  • Jumping Jacks (4 sets x 1 minute): Designed to improve cardiovascular endurance, Jumping Jacks involve a complete movement of the arms and legs. This exercise stimulates the cardiorespiratory system, essential for successfully facing various challenges in the field.
  • Complete Rest (2 minutes): This brief period of complete rest is essential to allow the body to recover energy. Maximizing the benefits of training, complete rest ensures that each subsequent set of exercises is approached with maximum intensity and performance.

By regularly integrating this circuit and previous ones into your training routines (read all our circuits in the SPORT A 360° section click here), you can develop the strength and endurance needed to tackle horseback training sessions.

Remember to warm up properly before training and adjust the intensity according to your personal needs.

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