Improve your balance and strength with our leg training

IMG 0875 presents a new circuit for equestrians, this time focusing on leg training, for the SPORT 360° section.

In collaboration with Dr. Matteo Andreoli and professionals from Powerline Studio, we introduce a series of leg exercises, an essential component for riders as they directly influence their performance and safety on horseback.

However, access to advanced training devices is not always possible. In this article, we will explore the first of two complete leg workouts that can be done without specific equipment and therefore without the need to go to the gym.

Benefits of Leg Training

Before delving into the details of the exercises, it is crucial to understand the benefits of leg training for those who practice horse riding.

The strength of the muscles in the lower limbs is crucial for maintaining a correct position on horseback and effectively communicating the right commands. Additionally, leg endurance is essential for tackling long training sessions in any discipline, contributing to improving safety in the saddle.

Equipment-Free Exercises

To properly perform the exercises proposed in our training circuits, we provide some guidance on how to execute them to avoid incorrect execution and injuries.

Circuit 1 for Leg Training

Circuit Duration: 30 minutes

Squat Bodyweight:

Sets: 3
Repetitions: 15
Description: Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, bend your knees as if sitting on an invisible chair. Keep the weight on your heels, making sure your knees do not go beyond the tips of your toes.

Alternating Lunges:

Sets: 3
Repetitions: 12 per leg
Description: Stand up, take a step forward with your right foot, bending both knees to form two 90-degree angles. Return to the starting position and repeat with the other foot.

Mountain Climbers:

Sets: 3
Duration: 1 minute
Description: Get into a plank position and alternately bring your knees towards your chest dynamically.

Jumping Jacks:

Sets: 3
Duration: 1 minute
Description: Perform the classic Jumping Jacks exercise to improve cardiovascular endurance.

Complete Rest:

Duration: 2 minutes

Follow this circuit regularly to develop the strength and endurance needed to successfully tackle your horseback training sessions.

Remember to warm up before training and adjust the intensity according to your personal needs.

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