Chantilly Polo Club prepares for 20-year anniversary celebrations.

chantilly polo 1

This year, the number of players involved in the Polo discipline has grown significantly in France thanks in particular to the efforts of the Polo Club Chantilly and the contribution of its creator Patrick Guerrand-Hermès.
Over the past two decades, the Polo Club has played host to a memorable World Championship, two European Championships and one of the biggest events in Europe, the France Open. It has been 20 years of success and which will be celebrated on May 22 at the Apremont Farm with a prestigious fixture between France and Argentina.
The polo season however gets underway one month prior, and on a splendid playing surface at a huge event, the Rally d’Aumale and Rally d’Aumale Cup on April 4. What’s more, the action keeps on coming from May through to June and ahead of September’s France Open.

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