Collina degli Elfi, where horses bring a smile to people

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The Collina degli Elfi is a charity organisation that is run entirely by voluntary workers and the headquarters can be found in an old monsatery at Craviano di Govone (Cuneo).
This marvellous sanctuary is a place where families can undergo mental and physical therapies to help the family nucleus rediscover its tranquility. One of the activities on offer at the is horse riding because horses are generous animals, they are sensitive and can read the emotions of man. As an animal it can make a woman feel whole again thanks to its kindness, they can make kids smile and laugh thanks to its patience and can aid children with physical recovery thanks to exercises in vaulting. Even just hugging a horse cvan be important. Clarissa, who is one of the volunteers at the Collina and in charge of the activities with horses, says: “A year ago I started the course, working on the communication between adults and children and horses in the hope of helping out. Just seeing the kids smile, their eyes light up and seeing their freedom with the animals has filled me with such joy.“ The exercises carried out with horses, created individually for each patient, can really help to rediscover balance in a person’s life and help the healing process.
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