CSI4*-W CAVALIADA Kraków: Patrick Bölle victorious in the Grand Prix, second place for Wacławik

Patrick Bolle - winner CSI4W GP Photo. Kamila Tworkowska

Germany’s Patrick Bölle clinched the top spot in the feature class of the CSI4*-W CAVALIADA Kraków – the PKO Bank Polski Grand Prix, riding Caramba De Janeiro. Meanwhile, home favorite Marek Waclawik achieved a significant milestone in his career, securing the second position with Kathmandau. Latvia’s Kristaps Neretnieks emerged as the best rider of the CAVALIADA Tour and the FEI Jumping World Cup Central European League.

The PKO Bank Polski Grand Prix of CAVALIADA Kraków, sponsored by PKO Bank Polski under the patronage of the Mayor of Kraków, saw 40 riders representing 15 countries competing. The challenging course, featuring fences reaching 155 cm and spread oxers at 160 cm, posed a formidable test for the horse-and-rider combinations, particularly with the double and triple combinations. The final line, comprising two large oxers set on alternative distances of 6 or 7 strides, added to the difficulty.

The competition witnessed 11 pairs qualifying for the jump-off, where riders were compelled to take significant risks to vie for victory. Patrick Bölle seized an early lead with CARAMBA DE JANEIRO and maintained a flawless performance throughout the jump-off. Marek Wacławik, the final contender, displayed remarkable composure, delivering a double clear round to secure an impressive second place.

Marek Waclawik photo Kamila Tworkowska 1
Marek Waclawik photo Kamila Tworkowska (c)

“I think today’s course was a bit easier than Friday’s. The fences were obviously higher and that presented a difficulty, but for my horse this course was just right for a smooth ride and to keep a good rhythm. The biggest challenge for me was the line for five strides to the combination. Kathmandau disobeyed me a bit on the landing, he got really strong and there was a risk of a pole there, but we managed to go clear. I am really happy with this result” said Marek Wacławik.

“It was a very nice competition, a well-set course, for me and my horse it was enjoyable to ride. I think the most difficult obstacle was obstacle number three. Some riders took too many risks and that’s where the knockdowns came from. My horse, Caramba, is 12 years old, she is in great shape, she was a fighter and did everything for me to be able to win. This is my first time at CAVALIADA and I think it is a great show. The fans are amazing, I will definitely come back next year” said the winner Patrick Bölle.

Patrick Bolle Photo Kamila Tworkowska 1
Patrick Bolle Photo Kamila Tworkowska (c)

Third place went to Germany’s Michael Kölz with Cellato, while several home athletes also delivered commendable performances, with notable mentions including Dawid Skiba, Mściwoj Kiecoń, Julia Jaglarz, and Michał Ziębicki.

CAVALIADA Tour 2023/2024 final ranking

CAVALIADA Tour ranking final photo Dava Palej 1
CAVALIADA Tour ranking final photo Dava Palej (c)

Kristaps Neretnieks secured victory in the CAVALIADA TOUR, maintaining his lead since November. The competition also determined the qualifiers for the FEI Jumping World Cup Final in Riyadh, with Neretnieks securing his fourth consecutive appearance alongside Sara Vingralkova from the Czech Republic and Angelos Touloupis from Greece, who will compete for the first time.

The competition for the three qualifying places for the FEI Jumping World Cup Final, which will be held in Riyadh in April, also stayed fierce until the end. With his performance in Krakow, Kristaps Neretnieks secured his lead, thus scoring a ticket for this prestigious competition for the fourth time.
For the other two – Sara Vingralkova from the Czech Republic and Angelos Touloupis from Greece – it will be the first time chance to compete at the World Cup Final.

“I would like to say a big thank you to the CAVALIADA organisers for all the shows held this winter. I have taken part in every leg of the CAVALIADA Tour and each one has something special about it. It’s a great feeling to win the CAVALIADA Tour ranking and to qualify for the World Cup Final. Thank you very much for the opportunity to compete in this wonderful arena, the atmosphere of the competition in Krakow was amazing” said Kristaps Neretnieks expressing gratitude to the organizers, and the appreciation for the opportunity to participate in the CAVALIADA Tour and to qualify for the World Cup Final.

Small Tour results at CAVALIADA Kraków

In the Small Tour, under the patronage of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Antonina Kucharska emerged victorious with Chicha Mint. Meanwhile, in the Last Chance class for the prize of the Marshal of the Małopolska Region, Trojus Rimkevicius from Lithuania claimed victory with Calimero W.

CAVALIADA Krakow is organized by Grupa MTP, with PKO Bank Polski as the main sponsor and ORLEN and LOTTO as strategic sponsors. The event is hosted in Kraków, receiving support from the host city.”

Grand Prix results – Link
Full results – Link
Rankings – Link
Re-live – Link

Source Press release CAVALIADA | Photo 1 Patrick Bolle Photo Kamila Tworkowska (c)

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