Dive into Diana Porsche’s Equestrian Journey

Diana Porsche

Diana Porsche‘s love affair with horses began at the tender age of five, a passion nurtured by growing up on her father’s farm, where horses were an integral part of life. She fondly recalls those early days, saying, “From the first day on I was really fascinated about their power and beauty.”

Diana Porsche: A Journey with Horses

Her journey in the world of dressage commenced with her pony Quattro, where the foundations of her equestrian career were laid. By the age of 12, Diana was competing with Quattro at the national level, advancing all the way to the M level. Reflecting on her early successes, she shares, “I started competing him on the national level, and he brought me up to the M level.” But Diana’s true foray into the world of international dressage came when she was just 16. It was then that she met her partner in the sport, a chestnut mare named Florencia.

Together, they embarked on a remarkable journey that led to her first European junior championship in 2013. It was this moment that truly marked the beginning of her international career. Diana fondly remembers, “I started with her I also rode my first European junior championship in 2013. And that was the start of my international career.” For Diana, the essence of dressage lies in the unseen harmony between rider and horse. She describes the art of dressage as a quest for perfection and an intimate connection with her equine partners, a connection that transcends verbal communication.

She shares her perspective, saying, “What I think is the most fascinating fact about dressage that you can learn the horses so many different things, but from the outside nobody can see really what you are doing, and the less you can see, the better it is. So it’s kind of a perfection and interaction with the horse, what nobody understands. And for me that’s the most fascinating thing about dressage.”

Photo Photoslesgarennes (c) – Diana Porsche

Ground-Bound Bond Beyond the Saddle

Apart from the saddle, Diana Porsche spends valuable time with her horses on the ground, building a bond that extends beyond sport. What truly sets her heart aglow is the process of nurturing young horses. Training these budding stars from the age of four or five, teaching them every nuance, and watching them grow into accomplished athletes. These moments of success, like a young horse’s first flying change, are what truly define her equestrian journey.

Diana passionately expresses, “And of course I want to be successful and every victory is really, really cool and I’m really proud of it. But for me, the special moments are when, for example, a young horse makes the first time a flying change or understands things what you’re working on for a really long time. That’s for me the main thing in building up young horses.”

One of the highlights of Diana’s career came in 2016 when she claimed the bronze medal at the U25 European Championship with Di Sandro Old. This achievement took her by surprise, as she hadn’t initially expected to reach the finals. However, her dedication and tireless work with Di Sandro paved the way for that glorious moment. Diana recollects the unforgettable moment, saying, “Another really special moment was this year when I finished second in the World Cup of Olympics with Douglas. I ride Douglas since he’s seven years old and I started with him as a young rider and it’s so special and I’m so grateful that I could bring my young rider horse first to the U25 sport and then up to the really big level.”

But for Diana, the true wonder of dressage is the language she shares with her horses. She finds it fascinating to teach an animal that doesn’t understand her language.

The Language of Dressage: an Unspoken Communication

This unspoken communication, built through years of work and trust, is what brings her back to the sport every day. She sums it up beautifully, saying, “For me, the most fascinating part is that you learn an animal what doesn’t understand your language, something, and you can only communicate with your body, and you have to be really focused what you are doing that the animal really understands you. And when you have them from like the really young age on, where they just learned that somebody sits on them or that they trot around, things like that. And then some years later, when you look them back and when you think, oh wow, now I’m riding Grand Prix with them and now they’re doing like the really difficult stuff.”

With eyes firmly set on becoming a better rider and a more knowledgeable horsewoman, Diana is dedicated to continuous learning. She knows that one lifetime is not enough to absorb everything about riding and training horses, but she strives for perfection each day. She emphasizes, “For me, it’s really important that I learn every day, that I get every day better. And I try to get from everybody where I hear something the best out of it, and also what fits for me and for my system.”

Photo Photoslesgarennes (c) – Diana Porsche

Coach-Duo Triumph: Wittmann’s Impact

Her partnership with coach Diedrich Wittmann, beginning two years ago, has propelled her riding to new heights. His unwavering trust in her abilities has allowed her to build up her horses by herself and train with a system that suits both her and her equine partners. Under his guidance, Diana has learned that the right mindset is essential. Staying focused, thinking positively, and embracing the present moment, while not dwelling on past mistakes, is a key to her success.

Diana expresses, “And over the years I learned that the mindset is so important because when you come there into the ring in a big class then you need to think positive and you need to be here and right now and you cannot change what had happened. The only thing what you can influence is the moment right now and he helped me so much with staying focused and being positive and seeing the good things and not thinking about the past when a mistake happens.”

The Horse Selection it’s not just about quality

The connection between rider and horse is paramount. They need to be hot, focused, and possess a steady disposition. For her, it’s not enough for a horse to have talent; it must also handle the pressures of the grand stage. Diana aims to be a rider who not only focuses on her performance but also understands that her horse’s confidence plays a crucial role.

She explains, “I try horses it’s important for me that I have with them the special click. I want them with a lot of quality, they need to be hot, but they also need to be really focused and good in the head.” A dedicated horse lover, Diana ensures that her equine partners lead a fulfilling life even while being top athletes. Her horses are like her children, and she loves them boundlessly. All her horses spend time in the fields daily, rolling in the mud, turning in the rain, and enjoying a normal life.

Photo Photoslesgarennes (c) – Diana Porsche

Equine Well-Being: Beyond the Arena

She firmly believes that sport horses should not be confined but should have access to open spaces. With paddock boxes for all her horses, they can choose when to go in and out, ensuring a life that balances work with well-deserved relaxation.

Diana advocates, “And I think it’s so important nowadays that also people see that sport horses also need to have a normal life and don’t be locked up. We also have with all the horses paddock boxes so they can go the whole day in and out however they wanted and after the training they just spend the rest of the day on the field.” .

As Diana Porsche continues to leave an indelible mark on the equestrian world, her philosophy of ensuring a balanced and fulfilling life for her horses serves as a beacon for a future where athleticism and horse welfare seamlessly coexist. In her world, the arena is not just a stage for competition; it’s a space where the unspoken language of trust, understanding, and love unfolds between a rider and her cherished horses.

Photo Photoslesgarennes (c) – Diana Porsche

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