Dutch foal auction set for September

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Breeding activities are continuing mainly in Netherlands and Germany which always reveal very interesting subjects.In recent weeks there has been the Foal Auction in Midden Nederland where 250 foals have inspected with the best making up the lot of the auction of foals at Midden Nederland.
In this selection 20 foals have been  selected for dressage and another 15 for show jumping.
In the KWPN stallion selections in Den Bosch, 35 mounts were selected for the auction, seven stallions.
Among these, one of the most anticipated is High Shutterfly (Sir Shutterfly), finalist at the championship of Den Bosch which was approved to register with the KWPN last spring.
As tradition dictates, the auction will be held on the first Wednesday of the month of September at Nieuwe Heuvel, Lunteren, in the Netherlands, but the photos and information on the colts entered into the lot will be available online as of July 13.The full list of the subjects included in the catalog:S     H     Latour     Indoctro
S     H     Harley     Calvados
S     H     Douglas     Julio Mariner
S     H     A’Lee Spring Power     Catano
S     H     Tangelo v.d. Zuuthoeve     Chin Chin
S     H     Cidane     Sheraton
S     M     Dallas     Favoritas
S     H     Colestus     Concorde
S     M     Cardento     Timeless
S     H     Baltic VDL     Montreal
S     M     Quasimodo Z     Montreux
S     H     Johnson     Zeoliet
S     H     Marius Claudius     Julio Mariner
S     M     Freeman     Indoctro
S     M     Genius     Indoctro
D     M     Negro     Vivaldi
D     H     Electron     Olivi
D     M     Desperado     Johnson
D     M     Bonbravour     Jazz
D     M     Johnson     Spielberg
D     H     Apache     Flemmingh
D     M     Dark Pleasure     Vivaldi
D     M     De Niro     Zhivago
D     H     Glamourdale     Farrington
D     H     Governor     White Star
D     H     Expression     Jetset-D
D     H     Uphill     San Remo
D     H     Grenoble     Gribaldi
D     M     Ferdinand     Santano
D     H     Galaxie     Ampére
D     H     Galaxie     Houston
D     M     Charmeur     Vivaldi
D     M     First Promise     United
D     H     El Capone     Vivaldi
D     H     Bordeaux     JazzAll the information www.veulen-veiling.nl

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