Endurance events at WEG 2014 today

panizzon dressage

The specialist events are taking place at Caen today: in the Paradressage di V there is the Italian Silvia Ciarrocchi, who was in sixth place on Royandic.Starting order: http://www.normandy2014.com/live/8/para-dressageThere are five Italians in the Endurance event: Simona Garatti on Hanifa, Costanza Laliscia on Philo des Pins, Giampiero Ricci on Forresth, Daniele Serioli on Santa du Sauverterre and Carolina Tavassoli Asli on Soraya du Barthas.There are also three Azzurri in the dressage: Giovanni Ugolotti on Stilo Contika, Eveline Bertoli on Leitrim Orient Express, Stefano Fioravanti on Nodine d’Orval and the focal point, Vittoria Panizzon on the extraordinary grey Borough Pennyz.http://www.normandy2014.com/live/3/concours-completsource: www.normandy2014.com

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