Equestrian Tourism on the rise in Italy.

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The Veronese horse exhibition, Fieracavalli, is not only a meeting place for professionals and athletes from the equestrian sector, but also a valuable opportunity to promote the stupendous Italian territory, which thanks to its rich, historical, natural and cultural resources, is an ideal place for all types of tourist activities, including ones reserved exclusively for horses and riding.
Equestrian tourism, just like many other tourist activities related to the field of trekking and ecotourism, represents a slice of the market that is on the up and growing, attracting more and more participants across the world, all joined by the desire for adventure and to discover the historical, cultural, natural and also culinary assets of the country known fondly as the ‘Belpaese’ (the beautiful country).
Fitetrec Ante Assoctiation is an active group that promotes these aforementioned activities and was founded in the late 60’s. Alongside other European organisations and groups, it holds the same objective (International Federation of Equestrian Tourism) and recognised by CONI (Italian Olympic Association) and associated with FISE (Italian Equestrian Sports Federation), and boasts more than 25.000 members.
Another aim for Fitetrec Ante is to help preserve and, wherever possible, reintegrate the heritage of the native Italian equine at risk of extinction through collaborations with associations such as ‘il Cavallo Maremmano’, ‘il Tolfetano’ and ‘il Pony d’Esperia’ in addition to maintaining already established partnerships with groups like the World Wildlife Fund, the State Forestry Corps, the local action groups and mountain communities in the creation and restoration of horse routes of the Italian territory.
Fitetrec Ante Assoctiation is present at Fieracavalli in Verona to present its many and varied activities as well as the range of routes available.

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