Equestrian World: road accident in Sardinia causes the death of a horse.

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Another road accident it seems has been caused by the carelessness of horse owners.
The latest took place in Sassari, Sardinia on Monday just after midnight. A young male was out driving when he found the road blocked by a group of horses. The difficult weather conditions and the lack of visibility meant he only saw the group of horses at the very last minute.
Attempts to slam down hard on the brakes were unfortunately in vain; one of the horses lost its life while the others were all injured. Fortunately, the driver remained unharmed.
Traffic police were alerted right away and have started investigations. Each horse carried a mark which will allow the authorities to track down the owners of the horses. The owners could now face charges for leaving the horses unsupervised.
source: lanuovasardegna.gelocal.it

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