Eric Krawitt and Vani Khosla Earn Top Titles in High Junior / Amateur-Owner 1.40m Jumper

Eric Krawitt Godfather B credits Phelps Allyson LAGIOVANE

Lexington, KY –  Show jumping focus shifted to junior and amateur-owner competitors in the Rolex Arena at the Kentucky Spring Horse Show (KSHS) Friday morning. A total of 11 hopeful junior competitors and 30 amateur-owner competitors vied for top honors in their respective High 1.40m Jumper division. In the end, it was Eric Krawitt and Godfather B to claim the High Junior 1.40m Jumper title, while Vani Khosla and Billy Mexico nabbed first place honors in the High Amateur-Owner 1.40m Jumper.
Starting strong in the High Junior 1.40m Jumper division, Krawitt and Godfather B, a 10-year-old Belgian Warmblood stallion owned by Sandra Anderson, went fifth in the order-of-go hopeful for a podium finish. Taking swift and efficient turns around Bernardo Costa Cobral’s 11-obstacle track in a race against the clock, Krawitt set the standard high for the remaining competitors as he crossed the timers in 60.38 seconds. Though the remaining athletes put forth their best effort, Krawitt remained in the top spot at the conclusion of the class. In addition to his first place finish, Krawitt claimed second place riding his own 9-year-old Selle Français gelding Cactus De Cosniere, finishing just behind his own lead in 61.66 seconds. Rounding out the top three was Lea Rucker riding her own Virgino VK Z, finishing six seconds behind Krawitt’s time in 67.17 seconds.

Immediately following, the amateur-owner competitors rode into the Rolex arena for their shot at the top spot in the High Amateur-Owner 1.40m Jumper. Riding over the same 11-obstacle course in the single-round format, California-native Khosla was eager for a win during her first visit to the Kentucky Horse Park. Putting down the fastest round of both the High Junior and Amateur-Owner 1.40m Jumper classes, Khosla and her own 16-year-old Anglo European stallion Billy Mexico were quick and tidy across the ground to stop the clocks in an impressive 56.82 seconds.
None of the competitors to follow could deliver an efficient enough round to take over Khosla and Billy Mexico’s lead, ultimately lending the pair the blue ribbon. Coming in second place just one second behind Khosla was Lacey Gilbertson aboard Byzance Mail after notching 57.023 seconds on the clock, with Ashley Vogel and her mount Lucy in the Sky rounding out the top three to finish in 59.517 seconds.

Show jumping competition at the Kentucky Spring Horse Show (KSHS) will continue Saturday, May 15, featuring the highly anticipated $137,000 Hagyard Lexington Grand Prix CSI3*.

Eric Krawitt – High Junior 1.40m Jumper winner

On Godfather B:
“I’ve had him for a while so I planned to go forward with him. He was really good and everything showed up nice so it worked out well.”
On Cactus De Cosniere:
“I had the same plan with him too and it worked out well. He is fairly new to me, I got him last November and he has been great ever since. He was great in Wellington, jumped a couple of U25 classes and has been super.”
On where he made up the time:
“I think they both had efficient turns and everything showed up nicely for me.”
On his plans moving forward:
“We will just keep doing what we’re doing, they will show tomorrow and we will be here next week as well.”
On Kentucky Horse Shows:
“It’s awesome. It’s my first time here and I love it! This showgrounds is amazing.
Vani Khosla – High Amateur-Owner 1.40m Jumper winner
On her plan:
“We executed the plan exactly as we had it. I knew with [Billy Mexico] if I stuck to what I know and go forward that he is always quick.”
On her partnership with Billy Mexico:
“I’ve had him for a long time, he’s 16 years old this year so we know each other really well. It’s always a lot of fun out there.”
On where she made up the time:
“He is just so quick across the ground and he is so quick to turn, so in some places where I may add a stride he is just really quick across the ground. I was pretty tidy on my track I would say, so I think those were what got everyone else.”
On her plans moving forward:
“He is going to jump the High Classic tomorrow and then I will see. He normally tells me what he wants to do each week so we’ll see what he says next week.”
On Kentucky Horse Shows:
“It’s amazing, I’ve never been here before. I’ve only ever been to the National Horse Show, and I’ve never been out here in the Rolex Arena. My eyes are wide open and I’m excited to be here. This ring is amazing and the horses are really happy out here and jumping great.”
High Junior 1.40m Jumper

Place / Rider / Owner / R1 Faults | R1 Time / R2 Faults | R2 Time
1. Godfather B / Eric Krawitt / Sandra Anderson / 0 | 60.382
2. Cactus De Cosniere / Eric Krawitt / Eric Krawitt / 0 | 61.667
3. Virgino Vk Z / Lea Rucker / Lea Rucker / 0 | 67.178
4. Analtyse Ste Hermelle / Luiza Da Costa / Bonne Chance Farm LLC / 0 | 70.711
5. Shariva / Hannah Hoch / Hannah Hoch LLC / 4 | 59.099
6. Evita / Lea Rucker / Lea Rucker / 4 | 69.379
7. Dollar Girl / Caroline Mawhinney / Caroline Mawhinney / 4 | 71.953
8. Vox Dei / Daneli Miron / Miron Sport Horses LLC / 8 | 62.855
9. Verdi O’merveilles / Luiza Da Costa / Bonne Chance Farm LLC / 8 | 71.566
10. Blixten / Gigi Moynihan / Christy Johnson / 12 | 67.184
11. Mark Q / Gwyneth Babington / Kevin Babington / 33 | 100.368
High Amateur-Owner 1.40m Jumper
Place / Rider / Owner / R1 Faults | R1 Time / R2 Faults | R2 Time
1. Billy Mexico / Vani Khosla / Vani Khosla / 0 | 56.820
2. Byzance Mail / Lacey Gilbertson / Seabrook LLC / 0 | 57.023
3. Lucy In The Sky / Ashley Vogel / Ashley Vogel / 0 | 59.517
4. Cristall Colorado / McKenna Maree Norris / McKenna Maree Norris / 0 | 60.580
5. Zamia 3 / Chandler Meadows / Chandler Meadows / 0 | 62.098
6. MTF Saint Simeon / Carter Ware / Carter Ware / 0 | 63.229
7. C. Wellie / Stella Stinnett / Heathman Farm, LLC / 0 | 63.357
8. Est Di Palatina / Charlie Jacobs / CMJ Sporthorse, LLC / 0 | 64.904
9. Sam 1091 / Laila Klinsmann / Laila Klinsmann / 0 | 67.092
10. Elana 22 / Rachel Turk / Turk Performance Horses LLC / 0 | 67.166
11. A Toi De Prim / Maggie Hill / Maggie Hill / 0 | 71.295
12. Venue D’fees Des Hazalles / Eve Jobs / Eve Jobs / 2 | 77.522
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