European Championships Day Two

rolf gorna bentsson SWE zeccero

Thrilling Showdown at Milano San Siro

In an electrifying display of equestrian skill and determination, the Milano San Siro European Championships Day Two is set to showcase the best of individual and team riders . The second qualifier of the championships promises an intense battle as 25 individual riders take on a grueling course of 160 obstacles. Following the individual rounds, the spotlight will shift to the teams, with the starting order inverted based on the previous day’s classification, Poland will be the first team to enter the Arena with the first team rider Adam Grzegorzewski & Issem and the last team to enter the arena will be Sweden with Rolf-Goeran Bengtsson & Zuccero being the last pair to go in the ring to try and d3efend Sweden’s current first place after day one.

The anticipation is palpable as riders from across Europe gather to compete in this prestigious event. The first order of business for the day is the nail-biting individual qualifier.

With 25 talented riders poised to navigate the challenging course, the competition is fierce. Each obstacle presents its own unique challenge, testing the riders’ precision, agility, and bond with their horses. As the obstacles increase in complexity, so does the intensity of the competition. Spectators can expect a display of masterful horsemanship and nerves of steel as riders strive to secure their place in tomorrow’s medal hunt.

After the individual rounds, the focus shifts to the teams that will battle it out for supremacy. The starting order for the teams is determined by inverting the results from the previous day’s classification. This strategic twist ensures that the teams with the most ground to make up will have the advantage of going first. The team competition adds another layer of excitement as national pride takes center stage.

The following teams will compete in this thrilling team round:

  1. Poland
  2. Portugal
  3. Hungary
  4. Netherlands
  5. Spain
  6.  Great Britain
  7. Belgium
  8. France
  9. Denmark
  10. Italy
  11. Austria
  12. Ireland
  13. Germany
  14. Switzerland
  15. Sweden

The stakes are high, as this is the first round that will determine the three teams that secure the coveted golden ticket to the Paris Olympics. The pressure is on as riders aim to deliver flawless performances to propel their teams to victory. With national glory and Olympic dreams on the line, spectators can expect a captivating display of teamwork, skill, and camaraderie.

As the day’s rounds unfold, the atmosphere at Milano San Siro will be charged with excitement and tension. Equestrian enthusiasts and casual observers alike will be treated to an unforgettable showcase of equestrian excellence.

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