Events: great success at the Shots of Freedom exhibition


The second day of the exhibition “Shots of Freedom” in support of the Italian Horse Protection (IHP) took place yesterday in Milan. After a successful first day, there was more good Equestrian World yesterday as there was an increase in visitors to the exhibition.
Judging from the feedback, there were two photos which received a lot of interest from the public. The photo “Matisse“ (dimensions: 70 x 100cm) was the first, which displays a black horse with striking shadow effects on the head and back that give the effect of the horse coming out of the darkness.
The second photo which received lots of interest was “Holly and Jesus“: the symbolic photo of the collection which is displayed above. For the record, Holly and Jesus are two horses that have been rescued and later helped by the IHP.
Holly was found on the 6th of June in 2013, seriously injured and with numerous stitches and infected wounds. She was then taken to and cured at the veterinary clinic in Perugia thanks to funds from various associations. Following on from this she was taken to Montaione to the IHP retreat where she began a course of therapy to bring her back to full health alongside Jesus, the bay who became her life partner. In the photo, the two horses are side by side in an effect that has the two horses merging into one.
In addition, the painter Carlo Romiti also played his part towards the fund raising exhibition, by donating some of his highly valued works of art. Finally, the radio star Ringo, who is set to host the event and auction this evening, visited the exhibition towards the end of the day and was said to be extremely impressed by the photos that were on display.

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