Fei World Breeding Jumping Championships for Young Horses in Lanaken

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September is the most important month for all the horse breeders over the world because the Fei World Breeding Championships for Young Horses takes place in Lanaken.
The headqarters of the studbook Zangersheide in Belgium is the place to be and all the focus of attention will be on the young horses and stallions for the Sires of the World, while the Belgium championship will takes place at the same time.
New talents will be on show, as will producers of future prospects and there is also the possibility of purchasing high quality horses thanks to the Zangersheide Quality Auctions.
This morning a warm-up will be held for the Belgian championships and then in the afternoon the first qualifying events for young horses between the ages of 5-7 will take place for the World Championships.
There will be lots of Italian horses at the event. 
Source: www.zangersheide.com / www.unire.com

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