French riders to play their part for Telethon charity.

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Some of the best French riders are set to play their part for Telethon’s fundraising event.
Kevin Staut, Penelope Lèprevost, Philippe Rozier, Timothèe Anciaum, Olivier Guillon, Marie Hecart, Eugenie Angot and Nicolas Delmotte will all be helping to raise money in favour of Telethon, the charity founded in 1990 in Italy and that finances bio-medical research and improves the lives of those affected by genetic diseases.
Kevin Staut and Penelope Leprevost have donated an official race jacket and cap respectively which have been put up for auction on ebay. At the moment, the offer stands at just under 180.00 euros for Penelope’s cap and just over 100.00 euros for Kevin’s jacket. The offers though are destined to rise and there is still until tomorrow to get your hands on both items!
The other French riders meanwhile are offering a personalised course. Eugenie Angot in particular seems to have attracted a lot of interest and at the moment the offer stands at just over 200.00 euros. A reminder that the auction closes tomorrow at 17.00.
source: facebook page Les cavaliers se mobilisent pur le Tèlèthon

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