Germany Triumphs at the Nations Cup in La Baule

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The prestigious Nations Cup in La Baule concluded with a stellar performance from Team Germany, clinching victory in a competitive field. The German team, composed of Kendra Claricia Brinkop on Tabasco de Toxandria Z, Andre Thieme on DSP Chakaria, Marcus Ehning on Coolio 42, and Philipp Weishaupt on Zineday, delivered exceptional rounds to secure the top podium spot.

The Competition

A total of nine nations competed in this year’s event, including the defending champions from 2023, Brazil. However, luck was not on Brazil’s side this year as they finished in 7th position with a total score of 25. The competing nations were:

  • Switzerland
  • France (host nation)
  • Sweden
  • Belgium
  • Spain
  • Austria
  • USA

Podium Finishers

  • 1st Place: Germany Germany topped the leaderboard with a series of consistent and clear rounds, demonstrating their dominance and team cohesion.
  • 2nd Place: France The host nation, France, finished in second place with a total score of 5. Riders Francois Xavier Boudant and Olivier Robert both achieved double-clear rounds, bolstering their team’s position on the podium.
  • 3rd Place: Belgium Belgium secured third place with a score of 12. Their strong performance highlighted the competitive nature of the event, with rider Wilm Vermeier contributing a double-clear round to their score.

Standout Performances

The class saw five double-clear rounds, a testament to the high level of competition and skill on display. These were achieved by:

  • Francois Xavier Boudant (France)
  • Olivier Robert (France)
  • Philipp Weishaupt (Germany)
  • Wilm Vermeier (Belgium)
  • Max Kühner (Austria)

These riders exemplified precision and control, ensuring their teams remained in contention throughout the event.

The Nations Cup in La Baule showcased some of the finest equestrian talent from around the world. Germany’s victory is a testament to their preparation, skill, and teamwork. With France and Belgium completing the podium, the event highlighted the fierce competition and camaraderie that defines this prestigious equestrian event. The impressive performances and thrilling rounds made for an unforgettable competition, setting a high standard for future Nations Cups.

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