Global Champions Tour heads to Vienna, Austria.

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We’re now heading into the final stage of the Global Champions Tour before the grand finale in Doha, Qatar where the winner of the 2013/2014 season will be decided. The leadership of the GCT leader-board after the last round in Lausanne sees Ludger Beerbaum at the top. Vienna will be playing host to the next stage. Known as the city of music, it was home to artists such as Mozart and Beethoven and even the home to one of the most important families in European history the Habsburgs.Splendour and elegance define this jewel of a city, unique in its style and with a historical city centre named a UNESCO world cultural heritage site in 2001. These are the premises then ahead of this rich and fascinating stage of the GCT. Having focused on the location, let’s turn our attention to the sporting side and the pairs that will be competing. List of riders and horses: source:

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