Global Champions Tour: new location for London in 2014

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The official Global Champions Tour (GCT) website has announced the location for the GCT stage in London for 2014.
The GCT will take place in the historic Horse Guards Parade Ground and is scheduled from the 14th to the 16th of August 2014. Further, the BBC will be covering and broadcasting the event.
The hosting of the GCT in London this year was a huge success and went beyond all expectations. As a result, the organisers intended on making next year’s GCT stage in London even better which is why the striking contest of St. James’s Park and the Horse Guards Parade Ground was chosen for the location.
It should also be noted that at the London Olympics in 2012 St James’s Park was used for the Beach Volley event and was a great success with the public, leaving plenty of reasons to be optimistic for the GCT tour.
The stands will be able to hold 4 thousand people, with tickets starting from 20 euros for a full day of competition. Tickets go on sale from the start of 2014. 

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