Acavallo’s Green Shift

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High-sustainable materials at the core of the brand collection

While some continue to consider the issue of sustainability as an obstacle to growth, others decide to embrace it as a key development opportunity, by integrating it as a strategic asset into the company’s mission. This is the case of Acavallo that has been orienting for years its decision-making processes on the basis of two precise goals: horse’s wellbeing and care of the environment.

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Such horse and environment-oriented approach resulted into the adoption of recycled and recyclable fabrics with low environmental impact, initially integrated within the production lines and then made the protagonists of the brand collections. This is where the Green Shift collection was born. Green Shift is a complete and eco-friendly collection made up of pads, saddle pads, fly veils and horse protection bandages made using bamboo fiber and Lycra.

Why the choice of these materials?

Bamboo is a highly sustainable material, with antimicrobial and antibacterial properties and numerous benefits: it eliminates odors, absorbs excess humidity, purifies and mineralizes water, regulates the moisture content in the soil, protects from ultraviolet rays and allows the production of ultra-light and breathable garments. Since it is a 100% natural material, it can thus be recycled into the ecosystem.

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Lycra, on the other hand, is a synthetic polyurethane fiber that is resistant to water, time and mold and features a great flexibility and elasticity. This material is now made from recycled fibers, which give life to a fabric that is not only versatile, but also sturdy and sustainable.

In addition to respecting the environment, the products of the Acavallo Green Shift collection, thanks to the natural properties of the materials used, also bring clear benefits for the horse, which always remains comfortable, fresh and dry during competitions or in the case of prolonged activity.

Join Acavallo and ride the change with us.

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