Horse Ball: unstoppable France in Saint Lo’s European Championships

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The Horse Ball european championship in Saint Lo starts with an unstoppable France, the bleus have won 3 matches in 3 different categories, 2 of them without appeal for opponents: the match with Spain finished 17-6, contemporary for the same category Portugal beated Belgium for 10-9 after a first half on 8-9.
Women category have seen France victorious again, this time the opponent is Belgium but the result doesnt’ change: 7-3 and victory for France, while Spain beat easier the portuguese team.
For cadets will be on the field today the italian team against Spain, at 5.35 pm the match will be live streamingg on Equestrian
Yesterday France has scrambled the belgium team with a winning match gained with 14-0, while Spain drew with Portugal for 5-5.
source: horseball

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