Horse Breeding Excellence: A Conversation with Dr. Bonny-Jasmin Jacobs

Generationenbild 3 had the pleasure to interview Dr. Bonny-Jasmin Jacobs, a German veterinarian and a key figure in the world of horse breeding. Dr. Jacobs, along with her father Dr. Karl-Otto Jacobs, owns Pferdezucht Dr. Jacobs, a breeding operation that specializes in producing top-quality jumping horses for the international sport. In this exclusive interview, Dr. Jacobs shares the story of their breeding venture, insights into their selection and training criteria, and the challenges and rewards of being a breeder in the equestrian world.

The Birth of Pferdezucht Dr. Jacobs

Pferdezucht Dr. Jacobs is not just a breeding operation; it’s a legacy.

Dr. Bonny- Jasmin Jacobs introduces their journey: “I’m a German veterinarian, and I come from a family of horse breeders. I’ve been riding since I was a child. Together with my father, Dr. Karl-Otto Jacobs, we founded Pferdezucht Dr. Jacobs. We breed jumping horses for the international sport.

The roots of their operation stretch back decades. Dr. Jacobs explains, “My father was very successful in show jumping on a national level in the 1960s and 1970s. His horses worked on the fields during the week and competed with my dad in showjumping classes up to 1.40m on the weekends.

However, as her father transitioned into a veterinary career, the focus shifted to breeding. “That was the beginning of our stud,” Dr. Jacobs adds.
Educational Background and Breeding Success
Their educational background has been instrumental in the success of Pferdezucht Dr. Jacobs.

As both Dr. Bonny-Jasmin Jacobs and her father are veterinarians, they bring a unique perspective to the breeding program.
Of course, a lot of things are much easier because we are both vets,” Dr. Jacobs acknowledges. “But more important for our success was that we both rode at shows since our childhood. So we learned what is most important for a successful show horse: potential, willingness to perform, and health.

Selecting and Breeding Sport Horses

When it comes to the selection and breeding process for sport horses, Dr. Jacobs emphasizes that their focus is more on the successes in the dam line than the pedigree. The dam line represents the backbone of their breeding program, and they set great store by the jumping capacity of their mares. But type, rideability, movements, and above all, the willingness to perform are also vital.

She shares an example of one of their best mares, Sammy Jo, who has been an incredible contributor to their breeding program. “She is the dam of the approved stallions Embassy I-III. Embassy II was one of the most successful German showjumpers. Sammy Jo is the dam, grand-dam, and great-grand-dam of several other international sport horses.”

Training and Preparation for Success

The training and preparation of their horses are carried out meticulously. “We start with free jumping training when our horses are 3 or 4 years old,” Dr. Jacobs explains. “We sell our horses with 4-6 years, but some mares we keep until they go 1.40m and more.”

With riders and grooms on hand, they maintain a keen eye on their horses. Not all horses develop at the same pace, and they trust in their breeding philosophy to allow each horse the necessary time to shine.

Notable Achievements and Future Goals

Pferdezucht Dr. Jacobs has bred several successful sport horses, each with a remarkable pedigree. Click here to discover more about them.

Looking ahead, Dr. Jacobs reiterates their unwavering commitment: “Our goal remains the same: to breed top-quality jumping horses with a healthy mind and body.

The Challenges of Breeders

Lastly, Dr. Bonny-Jasmin Jacobs reflects on the challenges faced by breeders in the equestrian world. While breeders are the foundation of the industry, they often receive less visibility compared to riders. She points out that the competition system often encourages breeders to sell their best horses, potentially limiting the growth of a breeding program.

In Germany, 6-year-old mares with one foal are ridden for only 1.5 years before starting at the same level as approved stallions who have been training for 3.5 years,” Dr. Jacobs says. “So, a lot of breeders sell their best horses. But only when we use our best mares can we have a sustained, future-oriented breeding.

The legacy of Pferdezucht Dr. Jacobs continues to shine brightly, thanks to the unwavering dedication of Dr. Bonny-Jasmin Jacobs and her father, Dr. Karl- Otto Jacobs.

Their commitment to producing top-quality jumping horses remains the driving force behind their success and the success of the horses they breed.

Perigueux Ehrung1
Perigueux – Hanoverian Stallion of the Year 2022 with Karl-Otto Jacobs – Photographer: Kiki Beelitz

V. Sozzi

Firse photo: Horse breeding family Karl-Otto Jacobs, Bonny-J. Jacobs and her daughter (3 generations) with 3 generations of their mares: Callonia by Calypso II, her daughter Sammy Jo by Silvio I (See my text) and granddaughter Emmy Jo PJ by Escudo I (full sister of Embassy I-III).

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