HSJ agenda: weekend packed full of competitions

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One again we round up the action this weekend, with plemnty taking place around Europe. There are three five star events and other international events to look out for.
Let’s start with Switzerland which is hosting the Furusyyia Fei Nations Cup CSIO 5* in San Gallo where the Italian team coached by Hans Horn will be competing; Lorenzo De Luca (Erco van’T Roosakker, Geisha van Orshof and Homer de Reve), Giulia Martinengo Marquuet (Fixdesign Funke van’T Heike, Fixdesign Istafan sissi, Verdine SZ), Bruno Chimirri (Luca, tower Mouche), Piergiorgio Bucci (Casallo Z, Catwalk Z, Cuarta), Emilio Bicocchi (Ares, Rockman de l’Abbaye, Rodgerio) and Riccardo Pisani (Chico Z, Cigo B).
Holland, France, Great Britain, Ireland, Germany, Belgium and Switzerland will also be competing alongside Italy in San Gallo. Winners of the last two years are Great Britain.
Click here for the list of competitors.
The competitions will start tomorrow with the CSI Goodwill Trophy and the good Equestrian World is that many of the competitions will be available to watch live on this channel.
Another five star event takes place in Sopot, Poland, this weekend. It is another Furusyyia Fei Nations Cup, that of the European Division 2, where the the nations involved are Ukraine, Norway, Denmark, Poland Slovakia, Austria, Russia, Bulgaria and Turkey.
The last of the five star events takes place in Spruce Meadows, Canada, with the National CSI 5* presented by Rolex. The most important events are the Roadtrek Motorhomes over 1.55m and the Bantrel Cup over 1.50m, the RBC Royal Bank Grand Prix, also presented by Rolex on June 6th, and the ATCO Structures and Logistics Cup (7 May).
A four star event is taking place in the US at the Tryon Equestrian Center: www.tryon.coth.com
Back in Europe there is an international tournament for the younger riders, the CSIO youth event in Wierden in Holland where the Italian Gianluca Bormioli will be competing along with the other categories:
Pony category: Priscilla Pigozzi, Bruna Ungari, Alessandro Orlandi, Camilla Mainardi e Carlotta Poggio.
Children category: Lorenzo Bertolucci, Lorenzo Correddu, Jani Plizzi, Caterina Sbaraglia, Melissa Ambrosetti.
Junior category: Nicolas Giordano, Michele Previtali, Luigi De Prete, Robert Bernasconi, Sofia Grobberio.
Young Rider category: Elisa Baldazzi, Filippo Garzilli, Giorgio Bianchi, Vittoria Olivieri, Flaminia Rosati.
Still in Europe there is a CSI 3* event in France at Lons les Saunier and some CSI 2* events in Belgium (Opglabbeek – www.sentowerpark.com), Hungary (Budapest – www.lovasvilagkupa.hu), France(Hardelot – www.jumping-hardelot.fr), Denmark (Sommersted – www.absoluteevents.dk)
source: www.fei.org
Photo: panoramic CSIO St.Gallen, © katiastuppia.ch/csio.ch

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