HSJ’s interviw with Meredith Michaels Beerbaum

Meredith Michaels Beerbaum at the European Championship Gorla Minore 2023

A renowned figure in the world of show jumping

Meredith Michaels Beerbaum has made her mark with exceptional talent and dedication. Beyond her achievements in the equestrian arena, Meredith has taken on the beautiful role of motherhood. As her daughter Brianne follows in her footsteps, embracing the sport of show jumping, Meredith navigates the joys and challenges of being both a talented sports woman and a supportive mother.

A Legacy of Sporting Excellence

Meredith’s journey in show jumping is one of triumphs and perseverance. With numerous appearances at prestigious events like the Olympics and World Championships, she has consistently proven her mettle as a top-tier equestrian. Her commitment, discipline, and exceptional skills have earned her widespread admiration and respect in the equestrian community all over the world both as a rider and trainer. 

Devoted Mother and Accomplished Athlete

In addition to her equestrian prowess, Meredith has embraced the role of a dedicated mother alongside her partner, Markus Beerbaum. The arrival of their daughter brought a profound shift in her life, as she now adeptly manages the responsibilities of her illustrious career with the joys of being a loving and inspiring mother both in and out of the competition ring.

Meredith finds great delight in nurturing her daughter’s passion for showjumping. Her wealth of experience serves as a valuable asset in guiding and mentoring her daughter’s journey. As we saw during the European championships in Gorla Minore, her dedication as a mother and mentor is well balanced. Meredith encourages her daughter to always do her best.

She told us “To watch my daughter Brianne find her love for horses and watch her passion bring her all the way up to this level. I really love being there for her and being able to help her by giving her tips that I have gathered over the years with my experience It is just a fabulous feeling being able to support her and seeing her joy in the sport just like I also could enjoy during my years“.

Meredith beams with pride as she talks about her daughter’s passion and riding career. 

Her understanding of the sport’s emotional highs and lows makes her a pillar of support for her daughter, providing an empowering environment for her to grow as an athlete and an individual.

Beyond the show jumping arena, Meredith believes that the most important moment comes outside of the competition ring by establishing a true relationship with the team but above all our beloved equine partners: “I personally believe that the relationship and bond you create with your horse is everything, if there is a bond between horse and rider than your horse will do everything for you in the ring“.

Meredith’s approach and mindset showcase her unwavering commitment to both her family and her profession. Embracing the journey of motherhood while supporting her daughter’s aspirations, she sets a commendable example of how passion and dedication can harmoniously coexist.

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Valentina Sozzi Senn | Foto Marta Fusetti (c) – Meredith Michaels Beerbaum at the FEI European Championship Ch/J/YR 2023 in Gorla Minore

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