HSJ looks ahead to big events in Europe and America


As usual HSJ highlights this weekend’s most interesting events.
We begin our tour in Europe and the CSI5 * in Saint Tropez dedicated to Athina Onassis, a real must of the summer season: the horses arrive tomorrow and Friday opens this glamorous event.
As always, fashion will play a major role and this year two icons will be present: the celebrated fashion designers Dolce & Gabbana will be featured with a high-end fashion show during which they will present a preview of their latest collection, inspired by the Botanical Gardens of Palermo which is a tribute to nature and seductive atmosphere of tropical landscapes.
Follow this event:
Official web site: www.athinaonassishorseshow.com
Streaming tv web LAOHS
On to Switzerland for the next round of the Furusyyia Fei Nations Cup 2016, the prestigious intercontinental tournament makes a stop at one of the oldest CSIO competitions on the circuit: St. Gallen.
Present will be teams from: Belgium, Switzerland, Ireland, Sweden and the Czech Republic, as well as France and representatives of the US and Germany.
Doors open from today Wednesday, June 1 from 14.00 with plenty of space and entertainment for children, competition starts tomorrw.
Follow (except for the Nations Cup) live streaming youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v8gWjlVk_S8&feature=youtu.be&list=PLfqDY …
Our next stop is Poland, in Poznan where the CSI4 * is in the opening phase.
There is Italian representation: Silvia Bazzani, Piergiorgio Bucci, Luca, Stefano e Simone Coata, Giovanni Consorti, Francesco Franco, Juan Carlos Garcia, Davide Kainich, Giulia Martinengo Marquet and Riccardo Pisani.
In Holland we have youth horse riding, Wierden will stage the CSIO pony, children, junior and young riders Outdoor & Wierden Dutch Festival.
Again Italy will be present: Allegra Ieraci, Ignazio Uboldi, Valerio Mosca, Luigi Del Prete, François Spinelli, Lorenzo Triarico, Tommaso Gerardi e Laura Giannetti nella categoria junior, Melanie Athina Reiter, Matias Alvaro, Camilla Franci, Valeria Michelangeli and Filippo Garzilli in the young riders category.
Finally, we are off to America where they are in other major events, the CSIO4 * Langley (visible on jumpinglive.com), the CSI4 * Devon (www.devonhorseshow.net) and CSI3 * Tryon (www.tryon.com)

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