Michael Duffy on Cinca 3 during LGCT of Cannes where he obtained the third position in the LGCT Grand Prix

HSJ’s interview with the Irish showjumper Michael Duffy


Michael Duffy, Irish showjumper also made an appearance at the European Championships in Gorla Minore, this time not as a rider but as a supporter and trainer. As Michael Duffy is based in the stable of Helena Stormanns he also helps the talented junior rider Tony Stormanns when he is not away traveling to shows himself.

“Since how long have been training Tony?”

I have been renting stables in Helena Stormanns’ stable since over a year so that is when I started helping Tony. I wouldn’t say I am his fulltime trainer, I do help him alongside his parents when I am not away at shows”.

Michael Duffy, who recently obtained third place in the LGCT Grand Prix of Cannes with Cinca 3, is very busy himself competing almost every weekend at the highest level of the sport.

“Being so busy how do you manage both training a junior at the high level and riding yourself?”

“I am mostly at home Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday so what I would do first on these days is ride my horses and then later or in between horses I would help Tony train and jump his horses. Tony is still in school so that gives me enough time to finish off my own horses and work first and then help him.  Tony is very talented he doesn’t need someone to teach him how to hold his reins, so it’s more a defined tuning and an experience”.

“Do you consider becoming a fulltime trainer at one point in your career?”

“I currently have three fulltime clients that have already been with me since approximately 7 years. I have a business that I am running so having clients is surely a main priority to keep the business going. I care a lot about managing my time properly in order to do both riding and training at the best of my abilities, so that needs to all be structured in the best way possible to make it all work as good as possible”.

“What are your goals as a trainer for your student Tony at these European Championships?”

“We need to up our game for sure by jumping some clear rounds in the next days to help the team. Then main goal is to be good and really try to help the team as much as possible.”

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Photo (c) LGCT – Michael Duffy on Cinca 3 at LGCT of Cannes

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