Italy handed Furusiyya Fei Nations Cup 2015 Finals berth after Saudi Arabia forfeit

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Italy will have the opportunity to compete in the final of the Furusiyya Fei Nations Cup 2015 to be held 24 to 27 September in Barcelona.
The communication came directly from the International Equestrian Federation which has informed that at this time Italy will participate in the final due to Saudi Arabia withdrawing.
In the Middle East only Qatar could take the place of Saudi Arabia but would have had to officially participate in the Jordan as a reserve nation, but this team has made it known to the offices of the FEI that it was unable to submit any training appointment of Barcelona.
In this particular situation the Regulation provides for a substitute from countries belonging to the First European Division.
Germany, despite the eighth place in the final of Division 1, has already been granted the status by virtue of the waiver by the nations of the reserve league Asia / Australia (only Australia will be present in Barcelona, while Japan and Hong Kong Reserves turned down the offer).
Given the situation there still remained a place available for Italy, which has not yet communicated through its coach Hans Horn the horses and riders called up for the Nations Cup.

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