“It’s not just about winning, it’s about the journey”, HSJ’s interview with Inès Joly

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A Rising Star in Show Jumping

In the world of equestrian sports, few names shine as brightly as that of Inès Joly. Born in Saint Etienne, France, Inès is a professional equestrian rider with an impressive track record of over 60 podium finishes and numerous wins in the best international circuits.

Her ambition extends far beyond the arena, as she dreams of becoming a successful entrepreneur in the equestrian world, focusing on developing young horses up to the highest level and maximizing the potential of older ones.

– Inès, how did your passion start for horses and show jumping?

Well, it’s a sport that I’ve been practicing with my family since I was really young,” she replied. “My parents were in the horse world, and I started riding at a very early age. My dad had his team in shows, so I was just a little kid following everywhere the grown-ups went. And I instantly fell in love with it. I’ve been doing it for about twenty years now.”

– Reflecting on her remarkable career trajectory, in the last couple of years, you’ve really grown in the sport, making it to the biggest level. Who do you have to thank for that and how did you make it to the top?

Inès credited her parents for laying the foundation of her success. “First of all, I have to thank my parents because they started me off with good ponies and horses,” she explained. “Then I had the opportunity to find some amazing owners with whom I built strong relationships. Now, I have a few good horses, and the cycle continues – we sell some and buy new ones. It’s a good system at the moment.”

– Is there one specific horse that you’re most thankful for?

Inès didn’t hesitate to mention Vitto de Cartherey. “I would say Vitto. I’ve had him for ten years now, and he’s taught me everything,” she said with a fond smile. “He came from nothing, and he’s been by my side through many milestones, including winning the global in Stockholm under twenty-five. He’s really special to me.”

With her impressive record of wins and podium finishes, HSJ delved into her winning strategy and most memorable victory. “My best memory was winning in Stockholm with Vitto,” she recalled. “We won with three seconds ahead of the others, but I still thought I wasn’t fast enough. My coaches and my dad always tell me to be fast but think slow, and that’s what I try to do.”

As Inès embarks on her first year competing at the top of the sport, HSJ asked about her expectations and feelings about being part of a global team. “It’s a really exciting year ahead of us,” she expressed. “I’ll gain a lot of experience this season, and it’s unbelievable to be part of this. I just have to grow with my horses and give it my best.

Inès’ journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring riders, and when asked to give advice to them, she emphasized the importance of self-belief and learning from others. “Trust in yourself and look forward,” she advised. “Take everything that you have to take from every person, all the advice, and then make your own cocktail.”

Inès will continue her pursuit of greatness as part of the Global Champions League team Monaco Aces, where she will gain experience at the highest level on the international stage alongside some of the world’s top riders. With her sights set on new heights, and new podium achievements.

In closing, Inès shared a sentiment that encapsulates her: “With every jump, with every victory, and with every setback, I learn and grow. It’s not just about winning, it’s about the journey, the bond with my horses”.

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