Lady Gaga’s new villa also includes 8 horse stables.

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In addition to a gym, a swimming pool, 3 garages and 2 bowling alleys, the 24 million villa recently purchased by global pop icon Lady Gaga even has 8 horse stables.
The pop-star is set to leave New York to return to her dearly loved Los Angeles where she has bought a Malibu villa from the founder of Warner Bros Consumer Products Division. The property was built over 6 hectares that includes olive trees and daisy fields, a guest-home and as mentioned above horse stables. She will be sharing the new villa with her partner Taylor Kinney which also includes 5 bedrooms, 12 bathrooms and even a lift.
All of that is enriched by the glorious view and in fact you can see the Pacific Ocean while the famous Zuma Beach resort is only a few metres away; one of the most beautiful and popular areas of LA.
Officially, equestrianism doesn’t appear to be one of the main hobbies of the pop-star which means the stables present at the new property may not be used for their original purpose. However, she has been renowned for experimenting and trying new things over her music career so who knows whether she has been swept up in the equestrian fever as late. Having revolutionised the music scene, will she now do the same in the equestrian scene?
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