Leo Rauscher: A Maestro of Equine Connection

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In the vast realm of horsemanship, Leo Rauscher emerges as a luminary, weaving a story that traverses continents and spans a profound connection with these majestic creatures. His journey, shaped by childhood encounters on a cattle farm to becoming a respected horsemanship specialist, encapsulates a life dedicated to understanding, training, and celebrating the equine spirit.

Early Adventures on the Cattle Farm: A Kid and His Companions

Leo’s odyssey with horses commenced in the idyllic setting of his grandfather’s cattle farm. Surrounded by more than 20 horses, predominantly working steeds, Leo found his affinity with these magnificent animals at the tender age of five. The weekends became a symphony of youthful joy as Leo forged bonds with his four-legged friends, exploring every nook of the farm astride a horse.

“I spent the whole day with the horse, saddling and unsaddling, like a kid with a cherished playmate. It was a fun-filled childhood filled with curiosity and endless exploration,” Leo reminisces.

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Leo Rauscher

Transition to Urban Stables: A Paradigm Shift in Equine Lifestyle

At 12, Leo encountered a seismic shift in his equestrian world when he moved to the city. The horses now dwelled in stables, dining on grain and relishing treats like apples and carrots—a stark contrast to the low-energy, pasture-dwelling companions from the farm. This marked Leo’s initiation into the diverse personalities of urban horses, a far cry from the uniformity of their rural counterparts.

“In the city, horses had distinct personalities. Some were cautious, warning kids about potential bites, a concept entirely foreign to me. It was a revelation, a deeper understanding of the varied temperaments of these magnificent beings,” Leo reflects.

Saddle Breaking and Professional Ascent: A Teen’s Foray into Horse Training

The transition from an enthusiastic youngster to a budding horse professional unfolded when Leo, at 14, undertook the task of saddle breaking horses. Armed with acquired knowledge, he ventured into the city with horses from the farm, kickstarting a venture that combined his passion with financial gains. The experience laid the foundation for Leo’s future trajectory in horsemanship.

“Saddle breaking those horses was my first taste of professionalism. It opened doors to a world where I was no longer just a participant but a specialist, even at a young age,” Leo recounts.

University, Army, and Back to Horses: Leo’s Unwavering Commitment

Leo’s journey took brief detours through university and military service, but horses, like steadfast companions, found their way back into his life during his university years. This renewed connection reignited Leo’s passion, eventually steering him towards the decision to study at the esteemed Horse University in Brazil.

“Horses have a way of finding you. Amidst university and military service, they remained a constant pull. Returning to them felt like a homecoming,” Leo acknowledges.

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Leo Rauscher

International Ventures and the Birth of a Specialist: Leo’s Evolution Continues

Leo’s trajectory took an international turn when he ventured to California, immersing himself in the realm of a seasoned horseman. This experience exposed him to diverse horsemanship approaches and refined his skills. Returning to Brazil, Leo established his own stable, earning recognition for his prowess in breaking and training horses.

“California was a transformative period. I learned from a true horseman, refining my skills and broadening my perspective. It set the stage for my return to Brazil, where I carved a niche as a professional in the field,” Leo reflects.

Belgium Beckons: Leo’s European Sojourn

In 2017, Leo, despite flourishing in Brazil, decided to embrace a new chapter in Belgium—a country renowned for its equestrian excellence. Drawn by the prospect of working with some of the best riders in the world, Leo embarked on a journey that unfolded fresh challenges and horizons.

“Belgium called, and I answered. The allure of working in a hub of equestrian brilliance was too compelling to resist. It’s a chapter of my life that continues to unfold,” Leo affirms.

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Leo Rauscher

Leo Rauscher: A Symphony of Horsemanship

Leo Rauscher’s narrative is one of passion, evolution, and a profound connection with horses. From the carefree days on his grandfather’s farm to becoming a respected horsemanship specialist, Leo’s journey encapsulates the enduring magic that unfolds when humans and horses forge a bond beyond words.

“Horses are more than animals; they are companions, teachers, and co-creators of moments that define a lifetime. Every chapter of my life has been enriched by these incredible beings, and I am committed to unravelling the depth of our connection,” Leo Rauscher concludes, leaving an indelible mark on the canvas of horsemanship.

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