LGCT Paris: Doha Falcons Secure Victory in the GCL

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Paris, June 22, 2024 – Yesterday, Friday, June 21, Paris hosted a spectacular leg of the Longines Global Champions League (GCL), presented by Metrobus. The event saw the participation of the best teams and horse-rider combinations in the world, characterized by great emotions and highly technical challenges.

The Doha Falcons team, composed of Julien Anquetin, Jérôme Guery, and Michael Pender, dominated the scene, converting their starting position into a decisive victory. Their winning strategy and synergy between riders and their horses were crucial for their success.

The team executed an impeccable performance, demonstrating exceptional mastery in both the first and second rounds. The riders’ ability to navigate through challenging courses captured the attention of the audience and judges, consolidating their position at the top of the championship standings.

The Competition: Victory for the Doha Falcons

The competition featured top-level horse-rider combinations from around the world, tackling courses designed to test their abilities to the fullest. The courses, characterized by technical obstacles and complex sequences, required precision, agility, and perfect harmony between rider and horse.

The Doha Falcons immediately demonstrated their superiority. Jérôme Guery rode Careca LS Elite and Great Britain V, showcasing notable technical skills and a great ability to remain calm under pressure. Julien Anquetin, aboard Z Ice Cube Z, completed an impeccable course in the first round, significantly contributing to the team’s overall score.

Michael Pender, with HHS Calais, delivered an extraordinary performance in the second round, solidifying the team’s victory. The team’s strategy, which included detailed discussions and the involvement of the team manager, was fundamental to their success. The Falcons adapted to the various challenges posed by the courses, expertly managing technical difficulties and demonstrating great team coordination.

Second and Third Places: Stockholm Hearts and Cannes Stars

Second place was secured by the Stockholm Hearts, with brothers Nicola and Olivier Philippaerts once again proving their worth riding Katanga v/h Dingeshof and H&M Legend of Love, respectively. The combinations delivered high-level performances, maintaining a strong presence in the overall championship standings. Despite some mistakes, their ability to recover and maintain a consistent level of performance allowed them to secure the podium.

Nicola Philippaerts commented on the competition, highlighting how all the horses jumped fantastically and how fortunate they were to be on the podium. Their strategy was based on careful planning and judicious selection of horses for the competition, aiming to maintain their leadership in the overall standings ahead of the Stockholm leg.

Third place went to the Cannes Stars, with Sophie Hinners on Special Life and Katrin Eckermann on Cala Mandia NRW. Eckermann, already known for her high-level performances, achieved a double clear round, significantly contributing to the team’s result. Their consistent performance and ability to handle pressure allowed them to maintain a prominent position in the championship, continuing to chase the leaders in the standings.

Overall Standings After the Paris Leg

1st Place: Stockholm Hearts powered by H&M We Love Horses – 162 points
2nd Place: Cannes Stars powered by Iron Dames – 157 points
3rd Place: Doha Falcons – 140 points
4th Place: Riesenbeck International powered by Kingsland – 136 points

Winning Strategies for Two Highly Technical Rounds

Michael Pender, visibly emotional, spoke with GCTV immediately after the competition, expressing his satisfaction with the victory and praising the Parisian audience. He described the experience as fantastic, highlighting the support and enthusiasm of the spectators. Pender also reflected on the season, acknowledging that the team had been a bit unlucky in some previous competitions but had always maintained a good level of performance.

The victory in Paris was a confirmation of their potential and their cohesion as a team. Jérôme Guery elaborated on the strategy adopted for the second round, explaining how it was more challenging from a technical standpoint compared to the first round.

The team faced complex challenges, but careful planning and detailed discussions among team members allowed them to overcome the obstacles successfully. The collaboration between the riders and the involvement of the team manager were crucial in determining the winning approach. Guery emphasized how the first round was particularly delicate, with technical obstacles requiring great precision. The second round, while larger, presented fewer technical difficulties, allowing the team to focus on speed and fluidity of the course.

Next LGCT Stop in Stockholm

With the victory in Paris, the Doha Falcons secured their first win since GCL Samorin in 2021, moving to third place in the championship standings with 140 points. The Stockholm Hearts, with 162 points, maintain the lead, followed by the Cannes Stars with 157 points.

The next leg of the championship will take place in Stockholm, where the Stockholm Hearts will aim to defend their top position. Nicola and Olivier Philippaerts, along with Jessica Springsteen, will represent the team again, carefully planning the selection of horses and strategies to adopt.

The competition intensifies as the stages progress, and every point earned is crucial for maintaining and improving positions in the standings. Careful preparation and the selection of the best horses will be key to facing future challenges and continuing to chase the championship title.

The team is confident and determined to maintain their positive momentum, aiming for further successes in the upcoming competitions.

The GCL of Paris offered a high-level spectacle, with combinations demonstrating great talent and a strong bond with their horses. The atmosphere was electric, and the audience enjoyed an unforgettable day of sport. The competition was characterized by moments of great suspense and extraordinary performances, highlighting the exceptional skills of the participants.

The victory of the Doha Falcons was the culmination of an exciting day of sport, marking a turning point in their season. The competition now enters its second half, and the upcoming stages promise further surprises and twists. The teams will continue to compete for the title, and the championship is becoming increasingly thrilling.

Stay tuned for further updates and to discover who will conquer the top of the Global Champions League. You can find the complete results of the Paris leg at the following link.

Source: GCL Press Release

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