LGCT picture series through the eyes of Mackenzie Clark part 2

John Whitaker LGCT Madrid

Valkenswaard united took the win in the GCL competition of Madrid with two impeccable round from John Whitaker that helped the team finish on top of the podium (c) Mackenzie Clark

Longines Global Champions Tour Madrid

This weekend we will see news podium finishes of both the GCL and the LGCT, just before moving on to the sixth leg of LGCT St. Tropez, we look back on some Madrid highlights.

Team work makes the dream work

Eduardo Alvarez Aznar and his groom c Mackenzie Clark
We like to say that you are only as good as your team, Eduardo Alvarez Aznar high-fiving his groom after a top round in the GCL competition (c) Mackenzie Clark

Last minute team briefing before entering the arena

Jodie Hall Mcateer c Mackenzie Clark
Jodie hall-Mcateer discussing a last minute team strategy with her trainer Ben Schröder before entering the competition ring (c) Mackenzie Clark

Well deserved pats

Nicola Philippaerts c Mackenzie Clark
Nicola Philippaerts giving out well deserved pats to his Moya vd Bisschop (c) Mackenzie Clark

Treats are the way to a horses heart

Katrin Eckermanns Cala Mandia c Mackenzie Clark
Some treats for Katrin Eckermann’s Cala Mandia after the GCL competition (c) Mackenzie Clark

Mexico Amigos

Nadja Peter Steiner and Mouda Zeyada c Mackenzie Clark
Team mates Nadja Peter Steiner and Mouda  Zeyada after their GCL debut (c) Mackenzie Clark

Lorenzo De Luca during the course walk

Lorenzo De Luca during the course walk c Mackenzie Clark
The LGCT Madrid was one of the last times we saw Lorenzo wearing his uniform… a new chapter has started for him (c) Mackenzie Clark

That winning feeling

Christian Kukuk LGCT Madrid c Mackenzie Clark
Christian Kukuk winning the LGCT Grand Prix with Checker, rising that well deserved trophy (c) Mackenzie Clark

V. Sozzi

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