Market: new performer for young talent Constant van Paesschen

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The team manager for Citizenguard, Alain van Campenhoudt, has confirmed the arrival of 10 year-old bay Taalex (Tangelo vd Zuthoeeve) who will strengthen the performers available to the young talent Constant van Paesschen.
Up until recently, Taalex was paired with German rider Ralf Runge and will now join 7 year-old Terre d’Aix (Baloubet du Rouet), Citizenguard Rioso van de Kapel, Citizenguard Toscane, Citizenguard Cadjanine Z and Citizenguard Milion Dream in the team.
Alain van Campenhoudt went on to also say that it’s the team’s intention to establish a lasting partnership between the youngster van Paesschen and he intends on continuing his sponsorship. The purchases for the time being are focused on hot prospects for the future as opposed to already established performers, which are costly and therefore more difficult to acquire.
Van Campenhoudt concluded by saying that further movements within the team cannot be ruled out, even though the sale of performers is the more likely possibility. 

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