Martini di Cigala defends title.

filippo martini di cigala

Filippo Martini di Cigala has won the Lazio Regional Championships in the seniors category for the second season in a row. The rider was competing with Pupillo dell’Esercito and speaking afterwards he paid tribute to his horse with which he has been competing with for over 4 years. In second spot meanwhile we find Stefano Falzini and in third Andrea Coletta.
This year’s edition of the regional championships was backed by sponsors such as Amovet, Best Riding Tours, Caffè Scolastici, Cavallini Minicar Monteverde, Dharma Horse, Equitatus, Stivaleria Fasciani, Stivaleria Franceschini, IBL Banca, Selleria Macioce and the magazine Poniamo. Here are the results from the other categories:
Young Riders:
Arianna Iacovacci
Carola Pavan
Federica di Cosimo
Ascanio Tozzi Condivi
Olga Cerasi
Francesca Romana Rosato
First Grade:
Elena Lardone
Angelica Giulia Finamore
Giuseppe Felici
Criterium First Grade:
Gaia Bravi
Francesca Simoncini
Raffaella Tagliamonte
Children Category:
Camilla Mansi
Yannick Guillon Xenard
Giovanni Bonagura
Amateur Trophy:
Enrico Muzio
Laura Ferri
Irene Gianni 

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