Millar Brooke South Joins Phelps Media Group Team

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Wellington, Fla. – Phelps Media Group (PMG), an international leader in equestrian sports marketing and public relations, is thrilled to announce the addition of Millar Brooke South, the US-based operation of the prestigious, Millar Brooke Farm located in Perth, Ontario. Headed by international show jumping athletes, Jonathon Millar and Kelly Soleau-Millar, the husband-wife duo are developing the family business south of the Canadian border.
Based in Lexington, Kentucky, in the summer and Wellington, Florida, for the winter months, Millar Brooke South came to fruition out of Jonathon and Kelly’s ambition to elevate their training, competition and business goals.
With a selection of top young mounts, an ample show schedule at the country’s best venues, and an expanding clientele base, they made the decision to expand the Millar family brand into the United States. The original Millar Brooke Farm is led by two Olympians, Jonathon’s father, Ian Millar, Canada’s most decorated equestrian and his sister, Amy Millar, another accomplished grand prix show jumper.
Veteran Canadian team rider, Jonathon, and American Nations Cup team rider, Kelly, together have a vast scope of knowledge within the industry ranging all the way from the hunter and equitation rings to grand prix show jumping. Though a separate venture, Millar Brooke South honors the namesake of the Millar family brand, which includes Jonathon by incorporating their model of excellence and expertise, while also weaving in their energetic and positive teaching values. Accessibility and approachability drive their operation, making it easier than ever for students and owners to learn from world class athletes.
With the mentality that two is better than one, the pair train students of all levels, traveling all over the country ensuring their students are presented with the best opportunities to grow their skills and careers. In conjunction with training horses and coaching their students, Jonathon and Kelly also run a growing sales business that is flourishing with the enriched market demand of young horses in the U.S. as well as increased accessibility to the European market.
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