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Last summer, Rio was the scene for the 15th edition of the Paralympics which took place for the first time thanks to the initiative and idea of Ludwig Guttmann. Archery was in fact the first to be inserted as a Paralympic discipline in 1948 in London thanks to Guttmann’s efforts, paving the way for the event we now know today. For instance, in the Rome edition in 1960 there were 400 involved; in Brazil over 4 thousand.
The history of the Paralympics teaches us that the idea of an individual can become a global movement as well as an example for everyone, disabled and able bodied. Inspired by this idea, a new group called “Henable” has been created: a platform to help disabled athletes reach their goals. To carry out the objectives, President Ferdinando Acerbi has launched the Special Athletes project.
One of the objectives is to create a community of support as well as assistance for those athletes affected including those in the equestrian sector. In fact, companies have been backing the latter and Italy’s bid to make it in Tokyo 2020. Speaking about the project Ferdinando Acerbi revealed his enthusiasm and desire to make it a success.
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