Acavallo® Therapeutic Gel For Superior Horse’s well-being

gel terapeutico di Acavallo

Acavallo has been the point of reference of equestrian technical accessories for over 20 years. The Italian brand is globally appreciated and trusted by top-ranking riders for the uncompromised quality of its comprehensive catalogue, epitomized by the iconic range of therapeutic gel products.

Hypoallergenic, shock-absorbing, lightweight and designed to guarantee a superior grip, the Acavallo gel can be used safely in contact with the horse’s skin. The gel allows the skin to breathe while maintaining close contact with the saddle, thanks to its shock- absorbing non-slip layer. Furthermore, it blocks any unwanted slipping of the saddle. The Acavallo gel is available in various ergonomic designs and sizes.

Classic Design: Structure with round holes, designed to ensure high breathability and reduce unwanted slipping of the saddle.

Hexagonal Design: Sturdy hexagonal cell structure, designed to ensure continuous airflow. The low profile allows for minimal bulk under the saddle.

Respira Design: Ground-breaking open cell structure, characterized by small bulges and side holes for excellent horizontal air circulation and reduced weight.

Massage Design: Structure with cylindrical elements whose constant movement boosts blood circulation and offers a pleasant massage effect on the horse’s back.

Gel rear & front riser: Adaptable in shape and usable individually or in pairs. Non-slip surface improving the fitting of the saddle, while avoiding inclinations and lateral imbalances.

With Acavallo the horse’s safety and well-being always come first.

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