Recon Ron: A Training System Used by Marines

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Recor Ron for Riding

Developing Strength and Skill in Pull-Ups

Recon Ron is a widely recognized training system used by the United States Marine Corps (USMC) to develop strength and skill in pull-ups, notoriously one of the most demanding exercises for the upper body.

The Recon Ron method can be extremely beneficial for those who practice horse riding as upper body strength and core stability are fundamental aspects for a rider: they directly influence the ability to effectively handle the mounted horse and maintain a correct posture in the saddle.

The benefits derived from the Recon Ron program, which aims to develop these skills, can result in improved performance and the creation of an even stronger connection between rider and horse.

Proper Athletic Preparation

Before starting the Recon Ron training program, it is essential to prepare adequately. A thorough warm-up of at least 15 minutes and wrist flexor extension are crucial to prevent injuries and maximize performance. Pull-ups should be performed with a full range of motion (ROM), meaning that the chin should clear the bar in the concentric phase, while the arms should be fully extended in the eccentric phase. The legs should remain straight during the execution of all pull-ups.

Determining the Starting Level

The first step in the Recon Ron program is to determine your starting level. If you are untrained or have just started doing pull-ups, you should begin with the chin-up (or supine grip pull-up). If you are already accustomed to this type of exercise and can perform at least two pull-ups, then you can opt for the pull-up (or pronated grip pull-up). Once you have determined your starting point, you will multiply the number of correct pull-ups you can perform in a row by three.

How to Perform the Workout According to the Recon Ron Method

After determining your starting point, you are ready to begin the Recon Ron training program. The goal is to progress to the next level each week, gradually increasing your strength and endurance. During the workout, it is important to take a short rest of 1-2 minutes between sets to ensure adequate muscle recovery.

Deload Weeks

Every 4 weeks, it is advisable to schedule a deload week, during which you will perform exercises at a lower level. This will allow your muscles to fully recover and prepare for the next level. Keeping accurate records of your progress is very important: by recording the number of pull-ups performed in each set and monitoring the level you are at, you will be able to assess your improvements over time.

Recon Ron is a systematic method that can help you develop strength and pull-up capability, validated by the Marines. It is a challenging but highly effective program that requires commitment, discipline, and consistency. As you aim to surpass the goal of 20 consecutive pull-ups, you will find that your body gradually adapts to increasingly challenging tasks and that you gain greater strength and endurance during exercise.

For any questions or clarifications, contact Dr. Matteo Andreoli at +39 338 660 6558 or the experts at Powerline Studio.

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