Rising Equestrian Star: Ida Selin’s Journey from Junior to Young Rider

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Nineteen-year-old show jumper Ida Selin, representing Sweden while residing in Holland, is making her mark in the world of equestrian sports. Based at Vincent Voorn’s stable, Selin has swiftly risen through the ranks, showcasing her talent and determination on the international stage. Her journey includes a notable appearance at the 2023 European Championships for juniors, where she finished in 13th place. Now, with her sights set on the Young Riders European Championship in 2024, Selin is poised for even greater achievements in her burgeoning career.

Balancing Academics and Equestrian Pursuits

At just nineteen years old, Ida Selin is already making waves in the equestrian world. Hailing from Holland but attending school in Sweden, Selin seamlessly juggles her academic pursuits with her passion for horses. As she enters her final year of school, she reflects on her journey and looks ahead to a future focused on her equestrian career.

Milestones and Reflection

In a recent interview, Selin shared her experiences and aspirations, highlighting her growth over the past year. “Last year, I started jumping my first one fifties at the Sunshine Tour,” she recalls. “It was a bit up and down, but I had a reliable horse who always supported me.” Despite the challenges, Selin achieved notable milestones, including competing in nations cups for juniors and jumping at the European Championships.

Support System and Ambitious Goal

Managing both school and horses requires a strong support system, according to Selin. “My trainers play a crucial role in helping me balance my commitments,” she explains. “Without their assistance, it wouldn’t be possible for me to pursue my passion while attending school.” Transitioning from juniors to young riders marks a significant milestone in Selin’s career, prompting her to set ambitious goals for the upcoming season.

Aspirations and Dreams

“I aim to become more consistent in the bigger classes and compete in more one fifty-fives,” she says. “I also hope to represent my country in Nations Cups and potentially compete at the European Championships.” Despite her young age, Selin’s dedication to her sport is evident, fueled by her dream of turning her passion into a profession. “My ultimate goal is to pursue a career in equestrianism,” she reveals. “But I understand the challenges that come with it, so I’ll reassess after completing my young riders phase.”

Overcoming Setbacks and Building Bonds

Reflecting on setbacks, Selin shares a pivotal moment in her journey. “When I was sixteen, I struggled with confidence issues,” she admits. “But with the help of a mental coach, I learned to overcome setbacks and emerge stronger.” Central to Selin’s success is her bond with her horses, particularly her stalwart companion, a stallion who has been instrumental in shaping her career.

Nurturing Connections and Trust

“He gave me back my confidence and has taken me to new heights,” she says gratefully. Despite the distance between her and her horses, Selin prioritizes building a strong connection with them. “I spend as much time as possible with them, both in the stables and at shows,” she explains. “It’s essential for me to nurture that bond, as it translates into trust and success in the ring.

Promising Future and Continued Growth

As Selin embarks on her final year of school and looks ahead to a future in the equestrian world, her dedication, resilience, and passion serve as a testament to her promising career trajectory. With her sights set on continued growth and success, Ida Selin is undoubtedly a name to watch in the world of show jumping.

Photo provided by Ida Selin (c) Jonna Voorn


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