Steve Guerdat: Nurturing a Superstar in Silence

Steve Guerdat with Dynamic de Belheme at FEI European Championship Milan 2023

Steve Guerdat, the renowned Swiss equestrian, has always had a unique approach when it comes to his equestrian career. His commitment to developing talent quietly and without rushing has been the hallmark of his success. In a recent interview, he opened up about his superstar Dynamix de Belheme 

“I didn’t want to put this pressure on her. Telling everybody that I have a new superstar,” Guerdat began. “But we knew it. We hoped for it. We were just trying to let her develop the way she had to develop.”

In the world of equestrian sports, patience is often a virtue that’s hard to come by. However, Guerdat’s philosophy revolves around allowing his horses to grow and excel at their own pace.

“She’s basically, since the first day I have her, I say that she has all the qualities that all my superstars had, and she has it all in one horse. So that’s why she’s very, very special,” he revealed.

Steve Guerdat’s career is punctuated with numerous accomplishments, with many different horses, just this Sunday 3rd of September he achieved yet another milestone with his 10-year-old mare, the gold medal at the European Championships in Milano 2023 that seems to be following in the footsteps of his previous champions. 

“She only did her first five-star like a year ago, but she hasn’t missed really anything.,” he proudly stated.

Despite the promising trajectory of this talented horse, Steve Guerdat remains humble and committed to letting her shine on her terms. “I just try to not rush things and just listen to her, to what she wants to do.”

Guerdat’s dedication to his horses is matched by his vision for their future. He mentioned a delightful anecdote about his indoor arena. 

Up to today, she was still not allowed to have her own big picture in my indoor.” This might seem unusual, but for Guerdat, it’s a matter of principle. “There are a lot of very special horses out there. And we have a lot of amazing pictures of Dynamix.”

Even in the face of such remarkable talent, Steve Guerdat’s down-to-earth nature prevails. 

He recounted a playful disagreement with his wife Fanny Skalli

“There was a bit of a fight with my wife. She said, ‘It’s so nice to be there. Dynamix has to be there too’ I said, ‘Darling, the day she wins something. She’ll be there. She will be there one day. So definitely tomorrow is the first thing we’ll do. We’ll hang a picture of her in my indoor, because now she deserves to be up there with my other superstars

Steve Guerdat’s wisdom and patience are not just limited to his horses but extend to his belief in the sport itself. 

Foto Marta Fusetti (c)

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