Sunshine Tour: 195 Young Horses qualified for the Finals this week.

Alessandra Reich & ‘Galadermie PP Z’

Today we hold the Sunshine Tour Series – Young Horse Finals for the 5, 6 and 7yr olds and on Thursday the Final for the 8yr olds

Alessandra Reich from Austria is the winner of yesterday’s 8yr old class with ‘Galadermie PP Z’

Vejer, 20th March 20204.  It is time for the  Sunshine Tour Series – Young Horse Finals. There at the 30th Andalucía Sunshine Tour, which is kindly sponsored by the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sports of the Government of Andalucía, through Tourism and Sports of Andalucía.

Yesterday the 5, 6 and 7yr olds had their very last opportunity to qualify for the Series Finals that are held today.  195 Young Horses are now qualified to participate in the Finals so far and today the 8yr olds will have their last opportunity to qualify for their Finals, which will take place on Thursday.  In the 5yr olds, 34 horses have qualified, the 6yr olds have 75 horses and the 7yr olds, 70.  Up to this point the eight year olds already have 16 qualified.

The horses in this latter section with the most clear rounds, are ‘Skyfall OS’ and  ‘Qnokke de Muzze’,with six clears apiece. With the same number of clears in the seven year olds are: ‘Rock Warrior’, ‘Vanilla’, ‘Corneto Esmeray PS’, ‘Machiavelli B’, ‘Pepe 348’, ‘C-Mikado Wapiti MP Z’, ‘Licius du Val du Geer’, ‘Be Blue’, ‘Secret Sunset’ and ‘Comme Ci Comme Ca’.

However in this seven year old section tThere are also five horses that have seven clears to their names, ‘Dotan van het Gerendal Z’, ‘Nikita van de Driehoekhoeve’, ‘SFS Valente’, ‘Ninjago and ‘Bozooka’.

In the five year olds, only ‘Lelita HF’ has jumped clear on every outing and has seven clears.

Yesterday the winner of the eight year old class was Austrian, Alessandra Reich who was riding ‘Galadermie PP Z’, a mare by ‘George Z’ x ‘Diamant de Semilly’ and whose speedy round was two seconds and a half faster than ‘Qerbi Van’t Ruytershof’, who took second place and was ridden by Brazilian, Felipe Amaral.  In third was ‘Girl du Mesnil’ with French rider, Louis Rafael Saint Cyr;  fourth, was Czech, Natalie Opatrna with ‘Chacletico’ and fifth, Belgian, Olivier Philippaerts with ‘Qnokke de Muze’.

‘Midcap’ with Portuguese, Duarte Seabra on board, was the winner of the first seven year old class.  Brazilian, Joao Víctor Castro with ‘Heroes Kervec’ was second and Olivier Philippaerts was third with ‘Moonshine’.  ‘Harper Mouche’ with Felipe Amaral was fourth, and  ‘Maradette S’ with Portuguese rider, Gonzalo Esteves was fifth.

In the second class, the winner was Spanish, Inma Roquet Autonell with ‘Dalia del Maset’, followed by;  Dutch, Micky Morssinkhof and ‘Comme Ci Comme Ca’;  German,  Leonie Böckman and ‘California 151’;  Irish, Conor Drain with ‘Millstreet Van de Kruishorst’ and British, Olivia Skinner with ‘C-Mikado Wapiti MP Z.

The winner of the first six year old class was ‘Bozooka’ with British, Emma Stoker.  ‘Tangilo Wi Ro Z’ with American, Molly Hay was second;  Irish, Greg Broderik third with ‘BP Millionaire’;  ‘Esi Labella’ with Irish, Seamus Hughes Kennedy was fourth and finally ‘Emeralds F1’ with Spanish, Jesús Torres García, was fifth.

TThere was a German win in the second six year old class from;  ’Full of Fire’ with Leonie Böckmann.  In second was Spanish rider, Pablo García-Gallardo;  third was Portuguese, Francisco Fontes with ‘SES Titanic’;  fourth, Irish, Jodie Creghton with ‘Ballypatrick Hero’ and in fifth, British, Olivia Skinner with ‘Ninjago’.

Young British rider, Maisy Williams won the first 5yr old class with ‘Tuinman Van de Lentamel’. ‘Catharina Z’ was second with Irish rider,  Sophie Dalm;  ‘Contharguitos’, came third with Spanish, Waleska Pérez Hernández;  ‘Caviar’ was fourth with Spanish,  home rider,  Armando Trapote Mariscal and in fifth was British,  Laura Mantel with  ‘Chevy D’Or Z’.

Press release Sunshine Tour | Photo is by Moisés Basallote

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