Switzerland takes strong line on horse safety measures in Gulf

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The Equestrian Federation Switzerland (FSSE) has taken a strong and clear line against the safety situation which has manifested itself in recent weeks during endurance sports events that were held in Abu Dhabi.First things first retracing briefly what happened: during the Endurance events held in recent weeks in the Gulf there were several serious injuries to horses and, unfortunately, one death; during the Al Reef Cup in Abu Dhabi one of the horses participating, Splitters Creek Boundy, died after a collapsing during the event.
There were also several cases of multiple fractures and broken bones, cases of positive doping tests, manipulations and various other rule violations.The FSSE has been shaken by such dramatic episodes and urged the International Equestrian Federation (Fei) to intervene to check the situation and immediately take effective measures to protect and maintain in the foreground once and for all the well-being of the horse.In light of these dramatic events the FSSE also believes that the current situation from the point of view of safety is incompatible with the concept of horse wellness and health drawn as a guideline by the Federation, and that for this reason the Federation reserves the right not to participate in the CM 2016: no Switzerland representation will therefore be at the upcoming World Endurance Championship Elite, scheduled in 2016 in Dubai.related links: http: //www.fnch.ch/fr/Disciplines/Endurance/Equestrian World-de-la-discipline-2/Decl …
http: //www.chronofhorse.com/article/al-reef-cup-endurance-fatality-incit …

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