Unveiling the Vision of Quarab horses

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At the vibrant Fiera Cavalli Verona, Horseshowjumping.tv had the privilege of meeting Marco Caremi, the President and Founder of Cavallo Quarab. His
initiative, born in 2007 and gaining independence in 2012-2013, is dedicated to the promotion and development of Quarab horses in Italy. This association
started as a subsidiary of the International Quarab Horse Association in the United States, later becoming an independent entity with a unique Italian touch.

The Birth of Cavallo Quarab

In Marco Caremi’s words, Quarab traces its roots back to the American Quarab horse enthusiasts. When circumstances led the Americans to step back, the
Italian group inherited their efforts. What started as a focus on Quarab horses evolved into a broader perspective, encompassing various aspects related to

The Vision Behind Quarab Horses

The Quarab, a blend of Arabian and Quarter/Paint bloodlines, is more than just a mixed breed. Marco Caremi emphasizes the significance of defining and understanding this unique horse breed. It goes beyond the casual combination of Arabian and Quarter/Paint horses – it involves a thoughtful and protocolled
approach. Quarab horses are not only assessed morphologically but also genetically, setting them apart from other equine blends.

Defining the Quarab Breed

To comprehend the Quarab breed, it’s crucial to break down its name. The term “Quarab” itself signifies the fusion of Arabian and Quarter/Paint lineage. While
Quarter and Paint are considered essentially the same race, Marco acknowledges the nuanced distinction, humorously referring to Paints as “stock horses” and Arabians as “pleasure horses.” When these two blocks come together, they consistently produce a horse that embodies specific characteristics.

The Ideal Breed

Cavallo Quarab believes in the potential of the Quarab to be the ideal breed. This vision extends beyond just morphological features; it delves into the genetic makeup and the unique qualities that emerge from the blend of Arabian and Quarter/Paint lineage. The commitment to protocolled standards reflects a
dedication to shaping and preserving the distinct identity of Quarab horses.

Proudly Independent and Ambitiously Young

Established in 2007 and gaining independence in 2012-2013, Cavallo Quarab remains a relatively young association. However, the passion and commitment
it brings to the promotion of Quarab horses in Italy underscore its ambition and dedication to the breed’s future.

As Cavallo Quarab continues to evolve and shape the narrative of Quarab horses in Italy, Marco Caremi’s vision stands as a testament to the belief that this unique blend has the potential to be the ideal equine companion. Beyond the casual mix of bloodlines, Cavallo Quarab is paving the way for a more thoughtful and protocolled approach to understanding and appreciating Quarab horses – a distinctive tapestry in the rich world of equestrian breeds.

V. Sozzi

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